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Fred is at the familiar ground at Ford’s Club Soda. We still remember his incredible tour Ultramer In the fall of 2016, it was followed by a sub on the occasion of Francois next spring. This time, however, he returned to the stage of the room in Saint-Laurent Boulevard with his Cross Mene head hat. And it promises.

Released at 7:00 p.m.

Pierre-Mark Thurvej

Pierre-Mark Thurvej

“We’re going to steal,” Fordin told us, laughing, at his accomplices Oliver Lange (guitar), Robbie Guster (drums) and Tonio Morin-Vargas (percussion and percussion and keyboards).

In fact, this Friday’s show in Les Francos will be the third show of the tour. Peace and bonus, The quartet began its run in early June with two shows in Mont-Louis and Rimoski. “It’s very bustling, it’s still green from start to finish, the crowd will see that Robbie is as hot as ever, the old bike promises us. But we could not rehearse as much as we could. No, I’re leaning too much on the CPU!

This was a temporary challenge for Saint-Félicien’s multi-instrumentalists, especially as Ford decided to compose music for most of the show’s. “This is the first time I’ve read bass songs while singing, and I recorded the album on separate tracks,” he explains.

I kept saying to myself, “Why am I doing this to myself?” But I love untying knots, so I worked hard. I really like playing bass.

Of Fred Ford

Okay, Ford and his band are old hands, they know tobacco. Especially since last year they played so many Cross Mine songs in trio format that I took them all over Quebec during a spontaneous tour.

“It was like a separate bubble because the infection was still there, and to show our joy at finally being able to play again, Fordin told us. Microdos. So we were allowed to immerse ourselves in two skills, but in the end, I always repeat some cross menu tunes. ⁇

“It’s not Fun Dive into it again “

Playing Cross Menu, precisely, does it need another mindset? “However, in a way, the emotional implication of the songs is different,” Fordin tells us. The subject is lighter, far above me than my solo tunes, it’s like psychedelic theater, I’re still trying to suppress what’s going on!

“But again it’s fun to dive in, read the music and bring it where you want it, he continues. There’s a youthful side to rocking, improvising, jamming. We’ve been having fun telling each other similar jokes for 25 years.Tourism, we call it Radotour ! ⁇

Photo by Edward Plant-Frieste, La Press Archives

The last tour of Cross Men’s begins during the release of the 2012 album Agnes Dee

Fred Ford should be set aside in composing the cross menu, however this is done without much effort. “I often work on a set of tunes. When I do one for the cross menu, I do three or four. So it’s been a while since the album was marinated. As for the cross menu, I start with the drum beats. The harmonic content is also different, it’s like the blues. .

My solos are very detailed and composed with intricate guitar chords. But I know sometimes it gets too close, there are tunes that can go one way or the other.

Of Fred Ford

If there’s anything in common with Ford’s Nebula’s songs, it’s because of the 51 – year – old singer’s unclassified melodies. “I’m always going to have a pulse in my mind, but I do it individually and with the cross menu, so that things can develop in the song,” he tells us. Like rappers, I like to keep movement and movement in melody. What am I going to slang, do a little japping, and look like a melody target. Then, the French language doesn’t have to take me where I want it to, it just leads to something else. ⁇

As we are likely to see at Club Soda this Friday evening, unexpected and somewhat confusing developments enrich his work. “As the tour progresses, accidents happen, we decide to match it, he agrees. It’s going to be a Friday, accidents, happy and unhappy. Glad, of course, unhappy, we strongly doubt it.

Cross Mine will be at Club Soda this Friday at 8pm as part of the Francois and on July 8 at the Theatre de la Vial Forge in Petit-Valle.

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