Megan Markle's father says he saw his grandchildren

London, United Kingdom | Thomas Markley on Monday begged his daughter Megan and his son-in-law Prince Harry to allow him to see his grandchildren, pleading for a compromise.

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“We both need to grow up a little bit, talk to each other, compromise, for the kids and for us,” Thomas Markle, 77, told Good Morning Britain from Mexico.

At 4 months of his grandchildren Archie, 2, and Lilliput, Thomas Markley said, “They have two loving families, and their great-grandmother is the Queen of England.”

“They grow up and they want to know more about them,” said the former lighting designer for American television, who lives in Rosarido, Mexico.

Megan Markle left her father before her wedding in May 2018 and was unable to attend due to health issues. He posed for paparazzi photos he had previously paid for, and the couple became dissatisfied.

Thomas Markley never met Prince Harry or his grandchildren.

Harry, 37, and Megan, 40, have moved away from the British royal family and have been living in California with their children since March 2020.

“Since she started with Harry, she has changed,” her father lamented. Megan wanted him to stop talking to his half-siblings, but he explained that he ‘couldn’t’.

He criticized the couple for gaining financial independence from the royal family, and later signed several contracts for documents or podcasts, “worrying only about money”.

The couple’s autobiography “Finding Freedom” – in which they did not officially participate but were given in a favorable manner – said Thomas Markle’s book should be called “Find Money”.

He dropped another spade on Prince Charles and Diana’s youngest son and said the book he planned to publish next year “could only be cruel and insulting to his grandmother Queen.” This is something for money. Everything they do is for money. “

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