Bethesda maintains that the planets in Starfield are empty because they are realistic

The creators from Bethesda mention that space is a rather boring place. Soż the vast majority of the thousands of procedurally generated planets in Starfield are rocky, wasteland, and little else.

– The purpose of the vastness of space isś feel & lstrok; See mały – Ashley Cheng, managing director of the studio, in an interview with the newspaper New York times. – Everyone’s scaredą “There will be empty planets.” Boring. When the astronauts went to & eogon; On the moon, there was nothing there. but Surelyścią się was not boring.

– Weślęż each of us will consider ł when & sakut; In the sky and wonders ł si&egogon; What would it be like if ądć flew on the moon życu – I agree &egon; Todd Howard. – We needed a scale in Starfield to represent that feeling. Weś can createć grę in which są four cities and four planets. But it wasn’t “the same feeling as being an explorer.”

everyone [planety] magajon; Alsożne biomy adds Angela Browder, another director. – We all have our own idea of ​​what a tail should look like. Universe. And no matter our version of appearance, we’re likely to have a planet that fits our vision.

As it was added, about 10 percent out of 1,000 corpses&l; Heaven includes &zdo;life thatś form. It seems reasonable, though&caut; It seems; As part of the fast travelż. The exploration he’s talking about & aogon; developers, bored & eogon; Fast, and certainlyścią not helpą also other restrictions.

Yesterday we described an example of a broadcaster who decided & l ‘checked’ if & lstro; You will flyć to the surface of the planet “by hand” – no fast travel. It took flight & l’knockout. About 7 hours, but it immediately turned out to be a “tail”, że Type ł is just… an illusionąthrough it & aogon; penetration of a ship.

Earlierśthere was a lot of controversyłał and the fact żafter landing, we can żć only part of the surface. This is too big, but if we get to the invisible “wall” we have to “park the carć” the ship to&lstro;loadć next&agon; partę tener.

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