June 8, 2023


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Elon Musk lost $13 billion in one day. Xbox has stopped posting live to Twitter

Elon Musk presides over several large corporations and companies that have had major problems in the past dozens of hours. As a result, the billionaire’s fortune decreased by $13 billion. The biggest misfortune was related to Tesla Inc.

Yesterday afternoon’s eccentric American billionaire would not be considered one of the most successful. Tesla’s financial report released last quarter resulted in a significant drop in investor enthusiasm, causing the automaker’s share price to drop 9.75%.

Meanwhile, SpaceX yesterday oversaw the test flight of its Starship unmanned spacecraft with its Super Heavy experimental rocket from its spaceport in Boca Chica, Texas. Unfortunately, just as the missile was about to separate four minutes after launch, it exploded over the Gulf of Mexico.

Twitter also faces regulatory problems this time around the official verification of users. As previously announced, all official designations for all accounts whose owners do not pay for access to the “better” Twitter ended yesterday. As a result, premium streamers have lost many people from the worlds of politics, entertainment, and technology. Even Microsoft has given up on the direct publishing feature on the site. It is presented in one of the entries alternative option Share graphics saved on the console through the app.

According to the new Twitter standards The Redmond giant will have to pay at least $42,000 per monthusing the site’s advertising platform.

As a result of all the presented circumstances, Elon Musk lost 13 billion US dollars per day, and Tesla’s results (- 12.6 billion US dollars) had the strongest impact on his assets.

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