The promising RTS's atmospheric gameplay encourages you to check it out before the premiere.  This is a new game from the creator of Falconeer
17 January 2024, at 19:59

A long-running online take on the atmospheric city-building game Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, created by the creator of The Falconeer, has been released. By the way, we learned the official production release date. A trial version will be made available earlier.

Image source: Thomas Sala.


A 30-minute gameplay video (below) has been released online Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles – a city builder created by Tomas Sala, the developer responsible for the RPG The Falconeer, with which this strategy shares a universe.

  1. It will be set 40 years after the Great War. The land of Orsi that we first met in… Falconrequires reconstruction.
  2. Players registered in Al Hosn: Falcon Records The goal is to restore it to its former glory – something that will not be easy due to the “untamed” terrain in which we will have to work, full of cliffs and surrounded by the vastness of the ocean.
  3. As befits an RTS representative, The basis of the game is to expand the settlement from scratch – This is mainly due to the mechanisms of improving buildings and creating extensive roads and communications connections.

What stands out Al Hosn: Falcon Records, It has an interesting and consistent art style, an open world and a lot of emphasis on exploration. Not only will it enable us to discover places rich in raw materials, but it will also help us establish contacts with other factions with whom we can cooperate or fight.

That's exactly it The aspect of paying attention to offensive and defensive capabilities seems to be the second pillar of the game Al Hosn: Falcon Records. Our cities will be able to be attacked even by… dragons. Therefore, not only technological and social development will be necessary, but also military development will be necessary – either by appointing commanders or creating battle groups yourself (in later stages).

However, if we are pacifists, and prefer the unlimited construction of magnificent cities, The game aims to offer a free building mode free of challenges and conflicts Present in the default gameplay.

what is important, Al Hosn: Falcon Records The game seduces not only with its graphic art and gameplay solutions, but also with the soundtrack created by award-winning composer Benedict Nichols.

Trial version

Al Hosn: Falcon Records It will be released on March 26 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series A production demo will be available on January 30 – She will arrive For each of the mentioned platforms.

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