Belarus' reaction to the Polish women's scandal They have no shame.  “I advise the Poles to change the name of the structure.”

administration Polish Gymnastics Association He issued an official statementIn which he strongly condemned the judge's participation Irini Lortkipanidze In the international tournament “Sky Grace”, which will be held on December 15-17, 2023 in Beijing (CHN), with the participation of competitors from Russia and Belarus, it bears the face and name of Alina Kabaeva, the former competitor for the title, today he is called “Putin's lover.” The Polish referee was one of the official referees of the event, contrary to the ban imposed by PZG.

Polish Gymnastics Association Against any actionIt aims to restore the opportunity for Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in international competition. The statement explained that this position is consistent with the position of the International Gymnastics Federation.

The aforementioned judge was recently deprived of her arbitration and coaching license by the PZG Board of Directors at the request of the PZG Disciplinary Committee. This situation only confirms the correctness of the decision taken

~ – Explain.

Poland's decisive reaction was met by a counterattack from Belarus.

Otylia Jędrzejczak: I am against the participation of athletes from Russia and Belarus. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

The Belarusian tries to mock the Poles after the scandal with the judge. “nightmare”

The position of the Polish Gymnastics Federation and the decision to withdraw Irina Lortkipanidze Arbitration and training licenses resonate loudly in Belarus. Viktor Izotov from talks about the allegedly undemocratic norms towards athletes from countries ruled by Putin and Lukashenko.

They are persecuted simply because they hold the passports of these countries; They are illegally deprived of the flag, the national anthem and the coat of arms; They were asked to sign documents expressing their opposition to their governments' policies; Finally, they dictate what clothes they must wear during competition. It seems that this is not enough

~ – Raad Izotov.

He quotes the content of the PZG advertisement, and after a while goes directly to…the Polish judge. “Here's a New Year's gift for you, Irina Lortkipanidze. They deprived you of the right to work and be happy! And be glad you weren’t sent to prison at all,” he tries to sarcastically.

And that's not all. Belarusian journalist demands the right to educate Poland and Poles. “I advise the Poles to change the name of their gymnastics structureTo full respect for democracy. Because in the English transcription it contains the letter “Z”. Nightmare!” he scoffs.

This is a clumsy reference to the letter “Z”, which has become a symbol of the forces of the Russian Federation. There was a time when the gymnast demonstrated the sport of “Zitka”. Ioan Kulyak. That's why he was excluded for a year. The punishment didn't teach him much. In September 2023, he returned to the race and publicly admitted that he did not regret this gesture, which sparked a lot of controversy. He announced that if he appeared in a T-shirt bearing the letter “Z” again, he would do so without hesitation.

Alina Kabagwa/Irina Lortkipanidze/Reporter/Getty Images

Alina Cabaguia, Sydney/Kazuhiro Noji / Paul/France Press agency

Alina Kabagiwa and Jelena Essinbagiwa/Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group /Getty Images

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