a test.  General knowledge test on Monday.  The first in 2024!  Start it off well by getting at least a 6/10

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General knowledge test

It's time to start the new year! Fully aware that you may be tired of the night's fun, we have prepared for you, exceptionally, easier questions than usual? Well, no! As always with Monday exams, it's not easy! However, we think you'll start 2024 well and get at least six answers right!

a test. General knowledge test on Monday. The first in 2024! Start it off well by getting at least a 6/10

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The first small town to welcome the New Year 2024 was a village called Poland! It is located on an island belonging to the state:

A quiz is a type of entertaining intellectual entertainment that involves posing a question in the form of a question in such a way that the correct answer can be deduced based on the information provided with the question and general knowledge. The question should be phrased so that the answer is not completely obvious, as the game actually involves guessers discussing the various possibilities and eliminating those that do not meet the conditions specified in the question.

a test. Geography test on Thursday. What is bigger? Just questions about Poland…

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