slag.  A track record, he was set, third consecutive Golden Helmet.  Bartosz swept Smarzlik in Opole [RELACJA]

Bartosz Smárzlyk is the first Polish highway rider in history to win the Golden Helmet three times in a row. On Lany Monday at Opole he won full points and broke the record. Dominic Kubera and Patrick Dudek also stood on the podium.

Tomas Janiszewski

Bartosh Zmarzlik

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Szmyd / Pictured: Bartosz Szmerzlik

Named after the last gold helmet competition, the Jerzy Szczakiel Memorial has been erected since 2021 where the first-ever Polish singles world champion spent his entire sporting career. This isn’t the first time Opole has hosted the competition, but it’s the first time that the winners have come out in a one-day tournament. In the 1970s and 1980s, the facility in the Polish song capital was one of the few hosts for this all-season event.

What the participants in this year’s finals had in common were very rare occasions to ride the Opole Oval. The local club has been racing at the lowest level in the league for many years now, which is why extra league players don’t have the opportunity to visit the eastern club very often. – A long time ago. The same locals here said it would probably be 2013. For at least a few years I haven’t been here – said Bartos Zmarzlik in an interview with Canal + Sport 5 before the competition, who used the Golden Helmet in 2020-2021.

The singles world runner-up was the lead favorite to win the title for the third consecutive time, which would be the first achievement in history. Even Thomas Golub, a seven-time winner, did not succeed. Immediately in the first series, Zmarzlik showed his art, bypassing Szymon Woźniak on the road, who was driving after the start. At the beginning of the three struggles, Jaroslav Humble, Patrick Dodek and Maciej Janowski also scored on their account. The latter, in turn, passed Peter Pawlikai from a distance.

Watch the video Is Włókniarz weak as in the first match? “They have definitely lost confidence in themselves.”

The second shortest track in Poland, at 321 m (the track in Motuarina in Toruń is 318 m – ed.), was difficult and was even called a rough Woźniak in some places. – You have to start well. The fields are equal, so you have to make some trades and have a bit of luck. A different facility than PGE Ekstraliga, but also nice. I am glad that so many fans came – added Janowski mentioned in a TV interview.

It was the native of Wroclaw who was seen taking the trophy from his partner from the Polish national team, who at the second attempt also outperformed his rival from a distance, Kasper Wurina. Janowski himself also showed exceptional work. It was in the eighth inning, where on the first lap, in a row, he bypassed all his opponents and was in the lead. Thanks to this, he, Zmerzlik and Dodik got a whole bunch of points in their account. Dominic Kubera, who in the second series showed an impressive start to the ranks and then virtually shut out his rivals on the inside, was also noteworthy.

The opening of the third series of competition promised to be electrifying, because three of the top four competitors were lined up under the bar next to Humble at that moment. Janowski, however, overcooked and moved, which left him behind, and finished the race with a point, because Kobera was second and Zamarzlik was first. The team leader from Gorzów was like lightning, setting a new record in the Opole. And this was not the end of good news for him, because after a while Dodik lost some points, quite unexpectedly, he was well disposed.

Putting Zmarzlik in the fight to write the history of the Golden Helmet was really very comforting. The favorite did not cheat on the next two starts and remained undefeated. And behind him there was an interesting podium battle and tickets for the World Cup (GP) and Europe (SEC) qualifications. The vanguard, among others, was Bartosz Smecta who avoided accidents and scored 9 points after four rounds.

And the runner-up before the last hand was Dudek, who, however, lost the duel with Zamrazlik and had to settle for third place, because Cobra did his job perfectly just a moment before. After losing more points, Janowski and Smecta lost their chance on the podium, unexpectedly defeated by Tobiasz Musilak in the last series. Piotr Pawlicki’s second tape removed any hope of success.

1. My Bermuda Stal Gorzów – 15th (3,3,3,3,3)
2. Dominic Kubera (Motor Lublin) – 13 (2,3,2,3,3)
3. Patrick Dudek (Apator Toruń Nature’s Solutions) – 12 (3,3,1,3,2)
4. Maciej Janowski (Petard Sparta Wroclaw) – 10 (3,3,1,1,2)
5. Bartosz Smektała ( Włókniarz Częstochowa) – 10 (2,2,3,2,1)
6. Szymon Woźniak (My Bermuda Stal Gorzów) – 9 (2,1,2,2,2)
7. Piotr Pawlicki (Fogo Unia Leszno) – 8 (2, t, 3.3, t)
8. Gleb Czogono (Petard Sparta Wroclaw) – 8 (1,2,2,2,1)
9. Janusz Kolodzig (Fogo Junia Liszno) – 7 (t, 1,3,0,3)
10. Jaroslaw Hempel (Motor Lublin) – 6 (3,0,0,1,2)
11. Tobias Mosilac (Sylfast Wilkie Krosno) – 6 (1,1,1,0,3)
12. Kacper Woryna ( Włókniarz Częstochowa) – 6 (0.2,2.2, d)
13. Przemysław Pawlicki (ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz) – 4 (1,2,1,d, 0)
14. Wiktor Lampart (Motor Lublin) – 3 (1,1,0,0,1)
15th. Jakub Miśkowiak ( Włókniarz Częstochowa) – 2 (0,0,0,1,1)
16. Paweł Przedpełski (Nature’s Solution Apator Toruń) – 1 (0,0,0,1,0)
17. Krzysztof Kasprzak (ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz) – 0 (t, w, d)
18. Bartomeg Kowalski (Petard Sparta Wroclaw) – 0 (0.0)

Running after running:
1. (61,66) Humble, Smecta, Chugunov, Forina
2. (61,19) Dudek, Cobra, Musilak, Przyzbinsky
3. (60.84) Zmarzlik, Woźniak, Prov. Pawliky, Kowalski (Kołodziej – t, Kasprzak – t)
4. (60, 97) Janowski, B.; Pawelecki, Leopard and Mikoviak
5. (60, 58) Dudek, Proverbs. Pawelecki, Lambert, Humble
6. (61,19) Kubera, Smektaa, Kołodziej, Kowalski (Pi. Pawlicki – t, Kasprzak – w/2min)
7. (61, 35) Zimmerzlik, Woryna, Musielak, Miśkowiak
8. (61,34) Janowski, Kzugunov, Winyak, Przyzbinsky
9. (59.39) Zamarzlik, Cobra, Janowski, Humble
10. (61.73) Smecta, Winniac, Dudek, Mykoviac
11. (61, 14) B. Pawlecki, Lorena, figured out. Pawliky, Przyzbinsky
12. (61,56) Kołodziej, Chugunow, Musielak, Leopard
13. (61.68) B. Pawelecki, Winniac, Humble, Musilac
14. (60,12) Zmarzlik, Smektaa, Przedpełski, Leopard
15th. (61,56) Dudek, Lorena, Janowski, Kolodzig
16. (61.87) Kubera, Czugunow, Miśkowiak, Prov. Pawelecki (D/4)
17. (62,28) Kołodziej, Hampel, Miśkowiak, Przedpełski
18. (61, 21) Musielak, Janowski, Smektaa, Prz. pauliki
19. (61.63) Kubera, Woźniak, Lampart, Woryna (d/st)
20. (61.57) Zmarzlik, Dudek, Czugunow, Kasprzak (d/st) – Pi. Pawelecki

Will Bartosz Smarzlik become the singles world champion this year?

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