Mariusz and Lazzi said goodbye to the fans in Gdansk!  Warsaw project with advance payment before the rematch

It was a unique game in a way. It is worth noting that the authorities of Trefl decided to pompously say goodbye to Marius and Lazy, who was the last meeting of his professional career in front of his fans.

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As a result, Wollazoi walked out onto the field in a private setting, to Hort’s song “Zawga Ji”. During the presentation of the team, the son of the champions of Monday’s showdown – Arcadius and Lazy – appeared in court. Young Trefl Gdańsk changed his father for one service at the beginning of the meeting. After serving the young volleyball player, the players of Projekt Warszawa took the ball. Damian Wojtaszek jumped into the attack, but was unable to hit the pitch. After this exchange, Arkadiusz Wlazły left the floor.

Despite this unique occasion, the volleyball players of the Warsaw team had no plans to give their opponents a reduced fare. Already at the beginning of the first group, the capital’s team led by a few points. Although Trefl’s volleyball players presented themselves well on the field, they could not find an answer to the opponent’s match. Lucas Campa finished the first part of the competition with a serve error. The project won in this group 25:21.

The hosts began to work out the terms at the start of the next match. Trefl led by four points, but the club’s volleyball players from Warsaw easily made up for the losses and the match began to go point by point. However, at the end of the set, the guests managed to get ahead of their opponents, thanks to which they won this part of the competition 25:20.

In the third set, Marius and Lazie appeared on the court for a longer period of time. The former Polish actor presented himself very well. In total, he scored five points in this part of the match. It was the experienced volleyball player who managed to complete the last exchange of this combination. In the end, Trefl won the game 25:18.

Despite the good disposition of Wlazły, who scored a total of 12 points throughout the game, Trefl could not win the following matches. The Gdańsk team also tried to save Zhang Jingyin, who, after his strong performance, scored six “points” in a row. However, after a sensational finish, the players of the capital’s club won the final part of this competition 27:25.

Thanks to this victory, Projekt came close to winning 5th place in PlusLiga. The second match in this competition is scheduled for April 28, 2023. This meeting will take place in Warsaw.

Trefl Gdańsk – Projekt Warszawa 1:3 (21:25, 20:25, 25:18, 25:27)

Trevel Gdansk: Lukas Kampa, Karol Urbanowicz, Jan Martinez Franchi, Bartłomiej Bołądź, Mikołaj Sawicki, Patryk Czekaj – Luke Perry (Libero) – Jakub Czerwiński, Zhang Jingyin, Aliaksej Nasewicz, Dawid Pruszkowski (W Libero), Marius

Warsaw Project: Jan Verlej, Jakob Kowalczyk, Kevin Tilly, Linus Weber, Artur Zalboek, Jureg Semenjuk – Damian Wojczyk (libero) – Nils Klapwick, Igor Grobelny, Dawid Polon.

Best player: Artur Zalbock

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