Ancelotti: I think Guardiola's complaints are good, their schedule is more difficult

[ABC] What do you think of the match? In particular, how emotional is Eder Militao's return? What does his return mean at the end of the season?
We are talking here about one of the best defenders in the world. His return is important for us. As we said yesterday, he still needs time to adapt to the game a little better. But the most important thing is that he is with us and he will improve in training. We will definitely need him in the next matches and at the end of the season. And when a player comes back after such a long period, it's obviously a positive feeling for the whole dressing room and the whole group. All the players congratulated him.

[SER] Rodrigo scored two goals, and I celebrated the second goal with him. What does this mean for the player and what did he do in Vinicius' absence? Next season there will be many strikers like Endrek and Mbappe. What is your assessment of Rodrigo?
He played great, made the difference and gave us the opportunity to quickly take the lead. He had two works of high standard and quality. This is what Rodrigo does and this is what he should do. Now everyone can say that he feels better on the left wing, but for me, Rodrygo is good in all positions. But that's okay… And let's not forget that he also scored twice in the Champions League semi-final when playing on the right side. He's a great striker and sometimes he's not as effective as he was today, but that's completely normal for a striker.

[Chiringuito] Real Madrid's next challenge is the Champions League quarter-final against City. Guardiola complained vehemently that you had 9 days to prepare for this match. Complained about the schedule. How do you rate it?
Ha, I appreciate that well [śmiech]. I rate it well. I think it's clear that their schedule is more difficult [śmiech]But this is modern football. In this regard, of course, we have a small advantage, which, however, will not determine the outcome of the match. However, it is true that we have the necessary time to prepare well and play better, because today we played well, and managed the match well, but we did not play with great intensity because the match did not require that. I really liked the management of the match, with a little less intensity, which should have been a little higher.

[AS] I want to ask about Valverde who suffered a bruise? Have you talked with him? Is it something dangerous? Can you evaluate his match in which he returned to playing as a false right winger?
Valverde has a knock, but I think he will be fine. Now we have two days off and we will all recover well. He played his game. As I said, not with the usual intensity, but as we always say, it is always difficult to play with high intensity after the break.

[COPE] You admit that the schedule is Real's advantage over City, but could it also be a serious matter that you won't play a match for 9 days?
No…I don't think so. I think it will be useful for us because we have a week to prepare for the match. We give these two days off to rest the actors, and starting Wednesday we have the necessary and appropriate time to prepare as best as possible.

[Radio Nacional] There is one match left until the end of the Spanish League. Do you see a clear path to the title? Only Real Madrid can lose this title now?
[krzywi się] We don't think about that. We believe we have an advantage and we have to take advantage of it by winning all the remaining matches and starting the next match against Mallorca. We can't calculate because La Liga is still open. However, we have this advantage and we must exploit it by playing well and looking for victories in all matches.

[El País] Rodrigo was decisive today. He was coming off a difficult period in terms of goals. If we look at his connection to the goal, can we say that he is the player of the series?
[zastanawia się] I think there are isolated cases of strikers who have scored, shot and will continue to score, such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Karim Benzema. [uśmiech]. I think with Rodrygo's experience he will improve this aspect. The truth is that he is young, but he plays with a lot of intensity and sometimes because I ask him to work defensively, he is not fresh in front of goal. Today was fresh, of course.

[MARCA] Bellingham is back in the game. We have become accustomed to his goals and efficiency. Today seemed off. Is it due to low density? Or does he need to regain that spark that impressed him so much?
Yes, today didn't have the freshness it usually has. He played two very strong games against England and I think he paid the price for that today. However, the same applies to others. The truth is that when I talk about power today, as you can see, there has been a bit of a lack of players like Bellingham and Valverde who have that power.

[OkDiario] While he was with Bellingham, he shut his mouth after a move in the second half. After the events in Valencia, did he comment on arbitration in Spain? Does he think it is different?
Well I do not know. I don't know what he's thinking. I can tell he has learned very well what to do. [chwila ciszy] That is, to remain silent.

[Onda Cero] I want to stay with Bellingham. Bellingham did not play before the national team's training camp and had an extended break. Is he missing that spark from the first 3-4 months of the season when he scored 17 goals in the first 20 games? With Bellingham in excellent form, do you have a better chance of eliminating City?
naturally [śmiech]. The chance to beat City is if everyone is at their best [śmiech]. This applies to Bellingham and everyone. I thought Bellingham played great for the national team. He worked hard there and I think the work he did will come in handy in his next matches here.

[The Athletic] You said before the game that while you wait for Militao to be fully fit, your doubts for City would be Tchouamini or Nacho. How does the fact that Tshwamini's withdrawal may open the way for someone like Kamavindze to enter the midfield influence this decision?
There are many things to evaluate. For example, Tshwamini was very important today because he was a strong presence in midfield. He worked a lot and recovered a lot of balls and if he had it back we wouldn't have had it. But if it's not him, it might be Camavinga. Choosing someone is a problem, but it's a positive problem, not a negative one.

[Radio MARCA] There's a lot of talk about player comfort, but I want to ask about you. How will you manage these nine days to the city? [uśmiech Carlo] Will you analyze them carefully? Did you analyze it well? Will you watch all their matches?
Well…we know the city well. We also watched today's match [z Arsenalem]. We will analyze everything we can, but of course our main focus is on our match, which must be different from today's match. The match should be more intense, but it will definitely be that way. As I said, we have time to prepare everything perfectly.

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