Behind the scenes of Robert Lewandowski's concert have been revealed!

I I Robert Lewandowski They are currently one of the most famous couples in Polish show business. The lovers live in Spain, where they raise their two daughters, Clara and Laura. Before this happened, the couple formalized their relationship during Fantasy weddingWhich took place on June 22, 2013 in Sirok, near Warsaw. It is not difficult to guess that a large number of athletes participated in this event.

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Robert Lewandowski's friend revealed what the footballer's bachelor party was like. The masters decided on an unusual “attraction”.

According to an unwritten rule, marriage often precedes marriage Bachelor party And a hen party. This was also the case with Robert, who had his last crazy night before his wedding. One of his colleagues decided to reveal the secret and reveal its truth “Attractions” Participants of the bachelorette party can count. The gentlemen decided to go to… a water park, where they slid down the slides.

There was the most amazing slide, for which you had to queue for five or ten minutes. We're off, and we'll line up again. There are children around ten years old standing there. They were about to go up the slope, so they did, but then they saw Leo. They couldn't believe it. They left the class and followed us to the end so we could stand next to him in line and watch. – Marek Kalitović admitted in an interview with the portal.

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10 years, you can clearly see the passage of time on their faces

Show. Amazing story

Then my friends and I went to the dressing room :)))))), last time before the wedding, hello hello hello

This story captivated me

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What's good for lunch/dinner today??? 😋

Did you actually write an article about this? almost…

People expected a story about strippers, not a bachelorette party with 10-year-olds. But cool.

What will you dig? Nobody likes them anyway!

Calling those who shoot animals 💩💩💩 is an insult to them.

When will you publish the article about the disappearance of Kazimiera Zaremba? Many years have passed and still nothing is known about her fate, as well as the article about the Mieczysława Pawlica case.

Finally, a topic other than a question for breakfast 👍

Last year was not the best for the Polish men's national football team. As for the Premier League, it was better than before.

What was he wearing…a tuxedo before 6pm 🤦🤣

That was 11 years ago when it was still relatively ordinary and accessible. Now Leo will never in his life go to a pool that has water slides. His children are also constantly in hiding and cannot enjoy the sights like normal people

Blah blah blah!!!!!” And here's the story, I'm calling Olek”

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