Suchan with a bit of Rodman style.  Circus in the fourth quarter, Tottenham saved the win

Only a few seconds went into the confrontation when the 19-year-old winger got the ball on the right flank and went in attack. The first in his career, in NBA, one of the few, if we also take into account the pre-season sparring. So far Jeremy Susan He rarely cheated and entered the basket, but this time he did not hesitate. He marked a throw for three, and when the opponent approached, the Polish representative moved to the left, then held the field for three seconds and hit the entrance.

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Fighting freaks amusing Janikovsky. “Looks like it was after a few Gabula”

Tottenham took the lead, which they did not give up until the end of the match. The encounter in Indianapolis was for long moments an offensive show for the guests who put in a far better performance than Wednesday’s opening game against the Charlotte Hornets. Then they lost 102:129 at home, this time for three-and-a-half quarters dominating the Pacers’ field – a team that ranks as low in the league hierarchy as Tottenham.

After the first quarter, the score was 36:26 for the visitors – basketball players from San Antonio played with a good rhythm in attack, exchanged a lot of passes, made most of the throws, and also from a distance. After 12 minutes, they had 55 percent. effectiveness Toys4/8 on three throws, scored 11 passes, and had only two losses.

Susan welcomed the NBA and made Spurs history. 27 minutes flashes and massacre

The three bowlers – Keldon Johnson, Devin Fassel and substitute Josh Richardson played superbly for the San Antonio team, who scored 23, 23 and 27 points respectively throughout the game. The first two also had powerful passes, and Richardson was amazingly effective from a distance – he scored six goals out of eight. Effectiveness of the entire team from a distance? Great 17/31, that’s up to 55 percent!

Sushan—after scoring his first points in the game—hit the basket again in the second quarter, when he ran toward the counter and finished Trey Jones’ missed throw. He killed, let’s add, in Dennis Rodman’s style, as he lifted the ball with skill and sensitivity with his right hand while in the air. Half jokingly, we can add that this comparison with the King of the Rebound is reinforced by the number 10 on the shirt he once wore at Tottenham. Rodman And hair dyed violet, which was the hallmark of the famous “worm”.

Susan stopped at these four points on Friday, that is, he repeated the result of the meeting with the Hornets – in total he had 2/4 of the match, because he missed once on the counterattack, and also in the second half. Three missed. In addition, he has five rebounds, one assist, one loss and three fouls. He spent 21 minutes on the field – six minutes short of his first appearance for the Hornets. 24-year-old substitute winger Zach Collins scored 11 points in 18 minutes, four rebounds, three assists, an interception, three blocks and two losses.

In the end, the Pole could have played longer, had it not been for the fact that the pitch became nervous, the Pacers started chasing, and Spurs’ advantage was fading away. Even eight minutes into the end, the Visitors were leading 110:93, but the Indianapolis players started defending more aggressively and then even blundered tactically. Coach Rick Carlisle ordered the procedure to be interrupted on purpose due to fouls against Jakob Boltlow of Austria, who was occasionally standing on the free-throw line.

For him, the NBA clubs want to be the worst.  This is an alien, not a unicornFor him, the NBA clubs want to be the worst. This is an alien, not a unicorn

And the end turned into a circus, because Poeltel was fouled eight times in three minutes. Between the 43rd and 47th minutes he made as many as 16 free throws – he started with two squares, then scored every second throw, and finished with a series of four throws on goal – with a total of 16 free throws in the fourth quarter, he scored 10, the whole game was 13/21.

The interruption of movement knocked the young Tottenham team out of rhythm, while also allowing more time to chase the Pacers. The hosts scored 49 points in the fourth quarter – 14 more than Tottenham. And I have to admit that they were about to catch up with the San Antonio team – in the last second of overtime, Benedict Mathurin, who played really well in this game, was tossing it, but he missed. The match ended with a score of 137: 134 for Tottenham.

After two games, San Antonio’s tally is 1-1, and the next game will be on Saturday – this time in Philadelphia, where 76 players will play it. The team with James Harden and Joel Embiid on the team is considered one of the favorites in the Eastern NBA, but so far they have lost two games – with a higher rank. Boston Celtics The Milwaukee Bucks.

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