Beata Kozidrac denies rumors about the film.  Will production be established?

Beata Kozydrac decided to comment on the rumors about herself once and for all. The latest tabloid reports must have upset her badly. She added a very helpful post on social media.

Beata Kozydrac She is the legend of the Polish music scene. The singer has been conquering the scene for more than four decades, and during this time she managed to gather around her a huge number of fans. It is undeniable that for many years she lived a colorful private and professional life. She decided to share her story with fans by writing her autobiography. The book was published a few months ago and is very popular among readers.

Unfortunately, Black Clouds have recently commented on her career. In early September, the police arrested the star for drunk driving. The officers’ attention was drawn to the fact that she passed a red light. They decided to subject him to a failed inspection.

Police officers arrested a 61-year-old woman who was driving a BMW. She had two levels of exhaled air. Her driver’s license has been suspended – Gossip told the subcommittee at the time. Robert Koniuzzi.

Beata did not want to be silent for long and after the colorful press reports issued an official statementwhich referred to the whole incident. She knew that what had happened had to deal with very unpleasant consequences.

Beata Kozydrac denies rumors about the movie

The artist paid for her prank not only due to problems with the law, but also with the fact that she has not made headlines for the past few weeks. It didn’t have a good effect on her career either. The companies I’ve worked with so far, Contracts are starting to fall apart And although a group of loyal fans remained with her, some were not spared harsh criticism from her.

Recently, the color press took a step forward and began to speculate about the star’s career future. After publishing her autobiography, which continues to spread like hot cakes, Beata was preparing for the next big project. A movie about her life was soon known. Super Express a few days ago denied this information.

The singer was very excited about this project. […] One Lublin film studio was interested in production. However, information that has reached Super Express shows that the movie will not be available. He could have contributed to this, among other things the drunken star did, but let’s hope the producers change their minds. A film about Beata’s life may be successful – the tabloid reported.

Beata did not leave these reports without a reaction. She referred to everything in a very purposeful way in social media. I showed a picture of how they worked with the director and producer on the film and all doubts about it were dispelled once and for all.

Working on a movie about me is going according to schedule.

Warm greetings :))
Leszek Budzak – Production
Piotr Domalewski – Director and Screenwriter

And although the star at the bottom of the post decided to disable the comment, it can be seen that this news has reassured her fans. Within a few moments, a lot of virtual hearts appeared at the bottom of the post. Are you waiting for a movie about the life of Beata Kozydrac?

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