KORWiN changes its name.  "We need to do a face-lift."  Mintzen: The new is "positive, almost cinematic" |  Policy

On Tuesday (November 29) the party Villagers Announce the name change. The time has come for a new hope, a new chapter in history polishing freedom movement. New hope. This story is just beginning.”

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Will the United Right go together in the next elections?

KORWiN changes its name. “We will build strength to make Poland proud and rich”

KORWiN party It was founded in 2015 by activists in the Congress of the New Right centered around Janusz Corwin-Mike. In 2016, it adopted the name “Freedom”, and again – at the end of 2018 – it reverted to using the name “KORWiN”, an acronym for “Coalition for the Renewal of the Republic of Freedom and Hope”. On November 29, 2022, the party announced the elections the new Name – “A New Hope”.

Over the past few decades, thanks The job JJ Corwin Mickey We have laid the foundation for the struggle for freedom, property and justice. Now, on this foundation, we will build the strength needed to make Poland proud and rich in the wealth of its citizens.

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There is a new president of the KORWiN party. Janusz Corwin-Mickey resigns from his post

Sławomir Mentzen on the new name of his group: We need a facelift

The group’s president, Sawaumir Mintzen, explained the decision via social media. “When we look at what the politicians who rule Poland and the world are doing, we have the right to worry about the future. We have very high inflation, the risk of recession, and very weak currencies and the stock exchange. The crisis is coming,” the politician began his speech, stressing that the party’s program is “a return to normal life.”

“We are a group of people who work and learn. We are a group of people who take responsibility for their lives. These people are the hope that we will stop the evil empire, protect freedom, property and justice and restore normal life!” – We read in the entry. “So the party authorities decided that we needed to raise our name.”

authorities Ceremony I decided to “shorten and update” the existing name. “From now on, we are called The New Hope. I think this simple, positive, almost cinematic name reflects our goals, our program and our intentions better than before,” Mintzen explained.

Tomasz GrabarczykGrabarczyk has been removed from the KORWiN party. On “Description of Putin as a Criminal”

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