Tomasz Oświeciński leaves the song "M jak miłość".  Fans freaked out

Viewers did not expect such a surprise “m like love” On the occasion of the twenty-first anniversary of the premiere of the series. The first episode of the TV series that depicts the fate of the Ms Levelak family and their Grabina friends was broadcast at the beginning of November 2000 and has been unremittingly popular ever since. Viewers relate a lot to many characters, especially those who have been followed for many years.

But apart from Barbara Mostowiak played before Theresa Lipusca, the brothers Zduński (Rafał and Marcin Mroczków), Kinga (Katarzyna Cichopek) or Magda (Anna Mucha), the hearts of fans of the series were also stolen by Andrzejek and Marzena Lisiecki, playing it Tomas Oveczynski and Olga Zumayska. However, viewers will have to say goodbye to the last characters, because the writers decided that the Lisiecki couple would die in an accident. The episode with these dramatic scenes will be broadcast on November 30.

These feelings have already appeared – in the publication in which Thomas Ovechinsky officially confirmed media reports about his farewell to the series. “Andrzej fans, my incarnation in ‘M jak miłość, which I loved so much, have come across many exciting news since yesterday. Sad news of my fate and the fate of Marzenka has spread all over the press and the internet. Unfortunately, my adventure on the set of this series is slowly coming to an end.” I will not reveal what is true from these reports and what is not, you have to watch for yourself ”- the actor wrote and added: “In the meantime, on behalf of me and my series partner Olga Zumayska, I would like to thank you very much because you liked our characters so much and showed us a lot of sympathy ” – Oświeciński Books.

This post sparked a torrent of critical comments. “I do not agree that you are missing from the series. You are the most beautiful and most natural couple. Let the director and screenwriters knock their heads and quickly change their minds, because your fans (including me) do not accept it” – scolded one netizen. “I hope the production drops their audience … and that they feel it very much” – added another. There were also people who threatened to stop watching the series after a change of cast. “The death of you and your partner in the film is a blow below the belt and very unfair! It’s a pity, I finished watching and everything is about it” – confirmed one of the viewers of the series. Another lover of “M jak miłość” had a similar opinion. “It is a pity, because I often watched and chose the episodes in which Andrzejek and Marzenka appeared,” – he emphasized.

Many netizens wrote that Lisiecki are the favorite characters from the entire galaxy of heroes from “M jak miłość”: “No, don’t go, I like you more than the cast” – a fan confirmed. Producers have not yet reacted to these voices of indignation from loyal viewers of the series.

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