Natsu reveals that she earns 150,000 a month.  After expenses and investments

Natsu In fact Natalia Karczmarchik, He is considered one of the most famous local influencers. Member adored by young people Timo X He runs his own YouTube channel with more than 1.1 million subscribers. Natsu also has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 2 million fans on TikTok. Recently, Karczmarczyk has become high Because of the leakage of photos and recordings with her participation from the so-called sex cam.

Bare member material Timo X It caused a real storm on the web and was widely commented on by many other influencers. Natsu herself admitted that the above photos and recordings were made a few years ago, When she was “young, stupid and misguided”, And returning to this period is very painful for her. Although the whole thing undoubtedly enjoyed wide coverage on the web, It didn’t hurt Natsu’s career in the end. Shortly after the scandal, Karczmarczyk fought in the Malik Montana High League, and is still active online.

Recently, a video clip appeared on Natsu’s channel in which she answers the most annoying questions for her fans. In the article, the influencer revealed, among others, How much is her monthly profit? The amount of so many will definitely make you feel dizzy…

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When answering a question from a fan, Natsu explained that she was doing well financially. As I confessed You are currently earning the most in life, In addition, some amounts have been earmarked for ambiguous investments.

Due to the fact that I am fighting now, etc., this is a period in my life when I earn … but it also makes sense, I am increasingly influential And this is the period when I make more profits, but I also started investing more – She betrayed.

As Karczmarczyk claims, her life is full of expenses. Even after deducting the above investments or other financial commitments, the influencer’s account per month goes up, to put it mildly, Totally satisfactory amounts…

As many people know, I am working on a project that requires a lot of investment. It’s just a time when I spend a lot of money. So if I could just sum up how much money I have for myself in a given month After some expenses, investments etc., it became 150,000. I think it was the best month – I confessed.


Did you expect Natsu to do well?

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