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Do you know what all the nicknames of the members are? The world’s most famous South Korean band, Jin, Suka, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jangook, was composed of seven singers, and they were sculpted by millions of baptized young people. . These fans are very supportive of the group, as well as embarrassing to call them nicknames based on certain physical characteristics at one point.

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Most Boyband translators are not known by their real names, but today under a nickname that distinguishes them internationally, that is Suka, V, RM and J-Hope, Who have chosen their own art disciplines.

Since their debut in 2013, the singers have changed not only the band’s name but also their stage nickname. The PDS leader dropped his nickname from this Rob Monster and R.M. And they even analyzed the existing title for their fans, and it ended Army.

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Since its debut in 2013, the singers have not only changed the band’s name, but their art name (Photo: AFP)

Name their fans

The band not only give themselves their own nicknames, but also their fans. ARMY members are responsible for finding the best nickname that can define themselves, based on something related to their features or style, although it is not necessarily the choice of the musicians. For example, Junk and sugar They are compared to rabbit and cat respectively.

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The name Jay-Hope did not like

The 27-year-old musician was a street dancer before making his debut on BTS and his stage name “Smilehoya”. His name is actually Jung Ho-seok, but he performed on the band called Jay-Hope, and he also calls himself the Army’s Hope.

Because of its body shape, which they consider to be horse-like, they call it J-horse. Although they point out that he is the one who created this unique nickname, over time the singer said he did not want to be called that.

Jay-Hope did not listen to his Jay-Horse

During the presentation, the band was on the famous Korean show “Knowing the Brothers”, That J-Hope He told me how this nickname was born, and one of the drivers pointed out that he had a long face like a horse. It was at that moment that the singer promised to be the reason for the nickname, while at the same time pointing out that he did not really like it; Similarly, he asked to be exchanged for another.

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