Note: The text includes spoilers!

The Russo brothers are promoting their latest films gray man. Traditionally, everyone is more interested in asking again Avengers: EndgameFrom a new netlix movie. While speaking to Vanity Fair, Anthony and Joe Russo revealed a curiosity about Iron Man’s death.

Jon Favreau pressure

The creators mention this while working on Avengers: Game Over Director of the first MCU movie about the death of Iron Man Jon Favreau He pressured them and did not agree with their decision to kill the hero. Favreau called them after reading the text and immediately asked: “Do you really want to kill Iron Man? You can’t do that! He’ll smash people!”. Joe Russo remembers how he had to calm him down and explain the situation to him.

Anthony Russo understands Favreau’s motives and admits that if he had not been involved in shaping the story, a similar reaction would have been from the same perspective as the Iron Man director.

– We felt that this decision was well deserved. It gives the impression of redemption, it is sentimental, it gives hope despite the fact that he sacrifices his life.

They state that in the original version of Iron Man he didn’t say a word. They added that the character’s final words were inspired by editor Jeff Ford, who uttered them while working in the editing room with the directors. So the words were: “And I am Iron Man.”

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