Zakończyły się̨ zdjęcia do pierwszego pełnometrażowego polskiego filmu o tematyce post-apo pt. "W nich cała nadzieja”. Produkcja jest współfinansowana przez Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej.

Filming of the first full-length Polish film, “All Hope for Her.” Co-funded by the Polish Film Institute.

“In All Of Them Hope” is the first feature-length film Peter PedroHe is also the scriptwriter. She starred in the lead role Magdalena Wichowrick. responsible for photos Tomasz Wojcwhile composing music Cream Martusewicz (Leader and founder of the Karimski Club, Voo Voo member). Redesign the group Marek Zwerucha (He won an award for the films “Corpus Christi”, “Wołyń” and “The Bad House”). The producer of the movie is Piata Besola.

As a result of global warming, climate wars come the extinction of mankind. A woman named Ewa (Magdalena Wichurik) is still with her on the floor Cute little robot.

The world in which the film’s protagonists live is definitely different from ours. First of all, because practically There are no people in it Director Peter Pedro tells.

The robot that accompanies the heroine is her only friend. However, it is still a machine, and friendship with a robot is not perfect. The artificial intelligence in this movie is dangerous to humans – He adds.

in production The robot does not know the origin of the climate crisis. As the director says, The dialogue scenes were created in such a way that they explain to the viewer in an accessible way, among other things, the effects of global warming which we will have to face in the future if we do not act now.

It is the robot who is supposed to be our spectator who asks the question: Why did people destroy their planet, their home where they lived? – Pedro explains. The creator indicates that Climate change is already causing many social conflicts.

When food and water are scarce, people will be able to do the worst. The movie actually takes place after the contractual Great Climate War. The film deals with the subject of the sibling war over water and the migration of millions of people fleeing heat and hunger. It is a starting point for evoking many universal values, for example the problem of refugees and their rights – Pedro says he hopes the script for the film he wrote will not change into reality in the future.

I think that this film will not only be an artistic and important message, but will make the viewer think about what our future will look like. Our main opponent is ourselves. If humanity does not reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we will permanently destabilize the climate and may not be able to stop the further increase in temperature. It may turn out that we will inherit an indestructible time bomb to future generations. I hope that doesn’t happen – Pedro concludes.

Peter Pedro He is one of the founders of the BNP Paribas Green Film Festival – the largest event in Poland featuring productions on current environmental problems. The fifth edition of the festival will begin in Krakow on August 14 and will run until August 21, 2022.

More information can be found on the website:

The 5th BNP Paribas Green Film Festival starts in just one week

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