“Barbie”.  Cinemas in Russia circumvent sanctions by organizing secret screenings

Despite the official ban, “Barbie” is attracting audiences to cinemas in Russia, Steve Rosenberg reports for the BBC. The journalist described how local cinemas circumvent sanctions imposed by the West in order to show Greta Gerwig’s productions. The Russian Ministry of Culture commented on the matter.

Officially, the movie “Barbie” is not being shown in Russia. However, unofficially, Greta Gerwig’s latest production is attracting crowds to local cinemas – according to her correspondent Steve Rosenberg on the BBC website, adding that in front of some cinemas, you can even find pink decorations unofficially promoting the film.

Due to the large-scale invasion of Ukraine that will begin in 2022, some Hollywood studios have stopped distributing their films in Russia. And it was no different with Warner Bros. And “Barbie.” However, cinemas get around this by showing unauthorized copies of the film. To avoid licensing problems, selected cinemas sell tickets for short Russian productions, but as part of the offer they “in addition” show this year’s song by director Greta Gerwig – explains Rosenberg. A BBC correspondent describes: “I asked one of the guests what film he had come to see. He told me the name of an unknown 15-minute film and smiled.”

BBC: The movie “Barbie” attracts audiences to Russian cinemas despite the sanctions

– People should have the right to choose what they want to watch. I think it’s good that Russian cinemas show us these films, admits Moscow-based Karina, in a conversation with Rosenberg. – It’s about being open to other people’s culture. Even if you don’t conform to other people’s standards, it’s nice to be able to watch it – echoes one of the reporter’s interlocutors, Alyona.

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However, not everyone the journalist spoke with supports showing Western productions. – Right now, it is important to produce patriotic films that raise the morale of Russians – says a resident of the village of Shchekino. We have to remove Western customs from our lives. How can we do that? And through the film, the man continues.

“Barbie” does not meet the “goals set by President Putin.”

The Russian Ministry of Culture also commented on the matter. In a statement issued last month, she described the “Barbie” movie as “a failure to achieve the goals set by President Putin to preserve and promote traditional Russian moral and spiritual values.” Russian State Duma member Maria Butina, when asked by Rosenberg about unauthorized showings of Greta Gerwig’s film, admitted that she had already filed “several complaints” in this regard, demanding that cinemas clarify on what basis they showed the film “Barbie.”

“Barbie” is a Warner Bros. production. Discovery, owner of TVN24.

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Main image source: Warner Bros. Pictures

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