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ROW Rybnik struggled a lot this year to reach the final of the 1st MotoGP League. Now he wants to be the first to defeat Enya Fallopaz, at least in one match. However, the people of Zielona Gora waltz and have no intention of leaving anything to chance.

The confrontations in the main round between the teams of Rybnik and Zielona Gora were not accompanied by many sporting emotions. In fact, we can remember the bad accident that occurred in the first match, in which Victor Trofimau Jr. was injured, narrowly avoided by Krzysztof Buczkowski and Krystian Pieszczyk. The Vallopas then won in a time of 52:38, and at home in the regular season finale they defeated their opponent in a time of 65:25 and… and that was it.

However, since then, ROW has undergone a major turnaround, as Pieszczek was loaned out, and selected a young player in the starting lineup, replacing Jan Kvech. From that moment on, each of the Big Five knew that one mistake would no longer lead to a change in the next race. Matej Zagar also came to terms with the results and the Sharks started performing as expected of them.

At one point, Rybnik’s team rose from the bottom of the 1st MotoGP table, avoiding the specter of relegation, and found themselves in… runner-up position. In the end, they finished fourth in the regular stage, so they met Arged Malesa Ostrów in the quarterfinals of the playoffs. They won the first leg by a narrow margin but lost their captain Patrick Hansen who suffered a very serious spinal injury after a fatal accident.

But without the Dane, Abramczyk was able to defeat Polonia Bydgoszcz in the semi-finals (which in turn missed Viktor Przejemski – editor), meaning that the league season in Rybnik will continue until October. The final was a success, including for President Krzysztof Mrozek. It wasn’t the first time he’d been criticized, especially at the start of the campaign, but in the end his ideas worked and ROW will regard this season – which will likely end in second place – as a success.

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Maybe second place, because at the moment it is difficult to imagine that the Upper Silesian team will be able to defeat Enea Falubaz Zielona Góra in the duel for promotion to the PGE Ekstraliga. The Lubuski County team most concerned with this has defeated everyone and everywhere this year, recording 18 victories in 18 matches. Most offers are those that get more than 50 points and without any major discussions. Like the ones mentioned with ROW. Furthermore, Hansen and Kvec are missing (He broke his arm on Thursday) Makes us believe that Mickey Mouse will score more convincing victories. The first was on Friday evening.

And Fallopaz has to go one step further, even though he has been preparing for an elite race in 2024 for a long time. Before that, he must win the final match, which he will reach with great effort to achieve a 100% success rate. The last time something like this happened at the highest level was in 1996 at the hands of Junia Leszno. However, if we look not only at this year, but also at history, the chances of the residents of Rybnik, although small, are… smaller. They have not beaten Zielona Gora at home since the 2004 season, and away from home since 1972.

Reported difference:

Rybnik’s row
9. Matej Zagar
10. Brady Kurtz
11. Patrick Wajdilo
12. Patrick Hansen (f/f)
13. Sweren Grabarczyk
14. Camille Winkler
15. As the biggest teacher
16. Jan Kvec

Enia Fallopaz Zielona Gora
1. Przemyslaw Pawlecki
2. Luke Baker
3. Rasmus Jensen
4. Rohan Tongat
5. Krzysztof Buczkowski
6. Michal Korzetic
7. Maxim Boroyak

Start of the match: time. 19:00
Judge: Rafael Kupac
Path delegate: Krzysztof Okupski

Weather forecast for Friday (source:
Temperature: 20°C
Rain: 0.0 mm
Wind: 15 km/h

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