Blanka Lipinska dazzled in strong makeup at the "365 Days" Season 2 premiere alongside her parents (PHOTOS)

The second part of the Golden Raspberry award-winning pornographic based movie will hit Netflix on Wednesday morning Blanca Lipinska. to continue, Titled “365 Days – This Day”Fans of the books of ambition, the famous writer, had to wait until Two years. But in the end, this undoubtedly unique moment came for the entire production, and on Tuesday evening, the official premiere of the film took place, which received a whole host of stars. There were mainly actors in the main roles, i.e. Anna Maria Cicluca And Michael Moroni. One of the world hit writers was also shining on the red carpet, which of course is Blanca Lipinska. Interestingly, similar to the premiere of the first part, the porn writer again Shine on the wall next to her parents.

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Blanca Lipinska She did not hide that she had been preparing for this evening for a long time. Days ago, she revealed that she will be appearing at the premiere in a duo dress designed especially for her Pabroki and Brzozowski. However, it was not known what exactly would surprise him on the red carpet …

As it turned out, this time Lipińska focused on complete elegance. shine on the wall In a black dress on the floor With silver ornaments on the shoulders. However, it cannot be hidden Blaney’s strong makeup also attracted a lot of attention Created by favorite makeup artist, Magdalena Berezonka. The effect of this is that in some pictures Lipińska is difficult to recognize.

Watch how Blanka Lipinska smashed the red carpet the day before the international premiere of “365 Days – This Day”. Will you see the latest modification of Blanca’s book?

This make-up stamp should lose all customers.

He looks worse than his mother. The mother is a chick.

Well, the Mejkap mushroom did not boast.

Oh! He’s so plump from the face to the neck…or rather he doesn’t seem to have gained weight. And it’s not even a matter of asymmetric makeup.

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Mushroom obviously doesn’t like Blaney hahaha but she pressed her with that makeup hahaha

What is she doing with her face in her mouth!!!!!!!!!!! Why do these women mutilate themselves like this

The make-up is terrible, the hair is a dome, the dress is a coffin with ornaments. Plania has no taste.

But you guys are talking here, the makeup is fine but she has botox on her face

Blanya is already a catwoman

He looks like Sandra, he’s crazy about the Baron

Fillers and Botox turned this lady’s face into a completely different person and no makeup.

What happened to her mouth????

no no no!!! I say no to everything! Make-up in particular is tragic. Empty. What did the make-up artist do to you?

This make-up is terrible … the hairstyle is also a failure.

I was hoping something would happen and it wouldn’t budge

Puffy face to the point.

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