“Avatar 6” and “Avatar 7”?  James Cameron already has ideas
There are still almost two years left until the premiere of “Avatar 3”, but James Cameron is already envisioning the next parts of the series: and now he is talking about the sixth and seventh parts. The creator revealed that he intends to build long-running series such as “Star Wars” and “Star Trek.”

'Avatar' will never end?

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We've written entire parts up to the fifth film. I also have ideas for parts six and seven, though I'll probably hand over the baton at this pointJames Cameron said in an interview with People magazine. Death eventually catches up with you. But for now we are enjoying what we are doing. We work with great people.

The director gave an interview during the 51st Saturn Awards, where “Avatar: The Water Creature” won four awards and was the winner of the evening. Cameron also spoke about his desire for “Avatar” to be a long-running franchise in the style of “Star Wars” or “Star Trek.”

“Star Trek,” “Star Wars,” and a series of expansive worlds dating back to my youth have been my inspirationThe Creator revealed. As I said, We are still a young universe. We've only gotten to the second movie, and we're halfway through working on the third movie. To have such cultural momentum for so long, you have to put all your heart and energy into your work.

People always ask us: “Why do you keep working on the same thing?” And why was Lucas working on one thing over and over again? Why did Roddenberry keep working on one thing?
When you can connect with people, you can't miss them
Cameron explained. Why start with something else that might not work?

Our vision is rather miserable. But we're talking about beauty, connection, and positive values ​​and this seems to work
“, concluded the director. What do people around the world say about the success of our films in all markets? He gives us wings.

“Avatar 3” is scheduled to hit theaters in December 2025. “Avatar 4” is scheduled to be released in 2029, and “Avatar 5” is scheduled to be released in 2031.

“Avatar: Water Creature” – Trailer

“I have some comments”: We are talking about the movie “Avatar: Water Creature”

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