Attention, on Sunday (August 29) in Bydgoszcz another selection of the film "The Magical Flower of Papirose".  What roles?

The Black Karzeł group of Bydgoszcz, producer of the film “Magiczny Kwiat Paproci”, is organizing the second screening at Kino Pomorzanin at a fast pace – on Sunday (August 29, 2021). Both an adult and a teenage boy who will play the Hedgehog are required for roles.

– This time we are looking for adult men to play the roles of powerful savages as well as ladies and gentlemen for the roles of the resident women and fairy-tale villagers. We are also looking for a boy to play the teenage rascal – the black dwarf group was informed on Saturday night, which is producing the full movie “Magic Fern Flower”.

See what the movie’s previous hiring looked like

The characters are currently seeking the “Magic Fern Flower” movie:

  • Small Hedgehog Mask: Age 11-14, small hedgehog type, swimming ability
  • Dzikosi: A group of guys, 20-40 years old, well built, with slightly longer hair (or the possibility of growing it), should be able to whistle
  • the villagers, Playing in Kupala Night: group of men and women to the river scene, Age 20-30 yearsThe ability to dance and sing

We are only looking for people from Bydgoszcz or the surrounding area. Each minor participant must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian – confirming the Czarny Dwarf group and inviting you to select representatives.

Where and when are the actors selected in Bydgoszcz?

  • August 29 2021, In 10-18 hours, cinema Pomorzanin (ul. Gdańska 10)
  • Attention, interested parties are requested records At the email address: [email protected]


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