May 30, 2023


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The Netflix movie broke the record.  Definitely not what the actors dreamed of

The Netflix movie broke the record. Definitely not what the actors dreamed of

They appear in the movie “Czas dla się” Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, who play as buddies spending a crazy weekend together. Films in which Hart participates (in this comedy he also plays the role of producer) do not usually receive good reviews, and their artistic value is supposed to be low … But the film “Czas dla się” really disappointed the viewers. On RottenTomatoes, which collects movie reviews and rates productions based on them, Time for Yourself is the movie with the lowest score for portraying both actors.

The film’s overall rating, based on reviews already made, is just…seven percent, which means there were only so many positive votes about it. Entertaining films – comedies and action movies that are not ambitious – usually rank much higher than viewers who appreciate the other elements. This is not the case now. Viewers made 29 percent of the production. Positive feedback.

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in the movie "It's time for yourself"Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in “Time Yourself” – Netflix

The second final film on the list of co-rated productions Wahlberg He is “military smart” and has 12 percent. Positive feedback from critics. In Hart’s “Meet Our Family” case, the score was 9 percent.

After the release of “Time for Yourself,” Hart tried to convince fans that the film contained a “hidden message” about the dynamics of parenting and the gender division of household chores.

The movie is available on Netflix.



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