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The Supreme Audit Office took a closer look at the Polish Post. The results of the examination conducted indicate that the company does not guarantee the proper quality of the global postal services. Moreover, there are still delays in the delivery of parcels, and the latter, in turn, is becoming more expensive. In addition, in some regions, residents have problems with the availability of postal services, which the company must generally provide.

As indicated by the Supreme Audit Office in its audit report, Poczta Polska did not achieve most of the indicators required by the provisions of the Postal Code and the Regulations on Universal Service Conditions. This status concerns all types of letter items, with the exception of economic parcels, the timely delivery of which was well above the minimum standards. As if this were not enough, actions aimed at changing this situation are not entirely effective.

According to the chief audit officer, Marian Panay, prices for universal services have tripled in five years. Each time the reason was higher costs, especially salaries. However, it was recalled that until 2025 Poczta Polska was the designated operator to provide state-guaranteed global postal services. This in turn obliges the company, inter alia, to maintain postal contact points and infrastructure throughout the country, including sparsely populated areas, which leads to higher costs.

The post office explained parcel delivery delays due to staff shortages. The company also conducted its own research, the results of which differ from those presented in the report. Here, the higher audit office indicates, according to the operator, that the differences were due to different research experiments. Moreover, in the research conducted by Poczta Polska, Vojvodipna is the best. When the national average is 57 percent. Timely shipments, the area in Lublin on the 35 types of shipments checked, 30, or 86 percent, were delivered on time. The worst situation was in Warsaw, where this score was 20%.

The Supreme Audit Office decided to submit a request to the Minister of State Assets, Jacek Sasin, to take steps to amend the Postal Law, which will allow to improve the overall quality of services. It was also proposed to amend the decision of the Minister of Administration and Digitalization regarding the methodology for determining the maximum annual levels of fees for comprehensive services. The idea is to adjust the method for calculating annual maximum fee levels for inclusive services with changes in services throughout the year.

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