Barbara Graboska: The death of the actress is a mystery to this day!

She said, “Acting is a journey, a search for an answer to the question of who you are.” Barbara Graboska In 1989 in an interview with “Echo Krakowa”, after the premiere of Waldemar Krzystek’s “The Last Prom”. It was her last role in the movie.

Barbara Graboska Born November 28, 1954 in Zbrze. She wanted to be an actress from a young age, but her parents preferred her to be a pianist. She graduated from a music school with honors (her friend from the piano class was Christian Zimmermann). After graduating from high school, she decided to apply to PWST in Warsaw. She failed the exams and found herself at the Warsaw University of Technology – where she spent two years.

She never gave up her dream of acting. In the end, she entered the theater school in Krakow, which she graduated in 1979 – and graduated two years later.

In 1979, even before graduating from acting studies, she joined the cast of Stary Teatr, where she immediately got the main role in the play “For a nice penny” directed by her Agnieszka Netherlands. After her brilliant debut, critics predicted her a great future in this profession.

Actress’s life changed when Agnieszka Netherlands She was offered the lead role in the movie “fever” (1980). The painting is adapted from Andrei Strug’s novel The History of One Missile and tells of the revolutionaries’ preparations for the attack on the Tsarist general in 1905.

Barbara Graboska played Kama – a would-be killer who could not stand the mental pressure on her. She was supposed to die herself in the attack. On the set, the young actress met Polish movie stars such as Olgierd ŁukaszewiczAnd the Adam France if Bogoslav Linda.

Barbara Grabowska was honored for this role in 1981 at the International Festival in West Berlin. The Polish woman was awarded the Silver Bear for Best Actress. It was a huge success and who knows what would have happened to Grabowska had it not been for martial law.

Jerzy Armata wrote about the role of Kama: “This is one of the most exciting female performances in Polish cinema.” In the following years, she played only a few theatrical roles, and also appeared in the TV series “The Longest War in Modern Europe”. Barbara Graboska’s film career has been discontinued.

After 1981, the actress focused mainly on the stage. At the turn of the 80s and 90s, she was one of the greatest stars of the Krakow Stary Theater. She played, among others, in several plays by Andrzej Wajda (“Crime and Punishment”, “The Wedding”) and in productions of Jerzy Jarocki (“Portrait”), Christian Lupa (“City of Dreams”) and Jerzy Grzegorzewski (“The Death of Ivan Ilyich” ).

She did not return to the big screen until 1989 – she played the role of Gula in the famous film “The Last Party” by Waldemar Krzysztek. She didn’t think this would be her last innovation.

She died tragically at the age of 39. On August 12, 1994, her body was found on a railway track near Czestochova. It was a mysterious death, probably fell from the train. To this day, it is not known whether it was an accident, suicide, or … murder. She is buried at Bródno Cemetery in Warsaw.

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