The lights did not light up

After 12 weeks of jerky cries and mechanical movements, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge’s most popular show on the small screen in Quebec, all the networks combined, unveiled its latest mascot with a robotic voice on Sunday evening.

Now the whistleblower here seems to be an alumnus Star Academy, which has been revised and corrected several times. So it was Véronique Clave, hidden in the imperial dress of the Queen of Day and Night, who was crowned the big winner of the second season. Mask singers In VAT.

His re-reading All SOS cries It was beautiful, and the impersonation of the show See you next week One of the few contestants from Radio-Canada, she sang a cappella on a beautifully orchestrated scenic table surrounded by hanging furniture.

Unlike last year, the voices of the masked singers were less manipulated, less electronically altered, which allowed the ears to better recognize the crystalline timbre of one of the music’s subjects, Véronique Claveau. June.

when That flight is for me Plastique Bertrand’s host Pierre-Yves Lorde, aka Super Otter, was also easy to spot, as he finished his performance suspended in mid-air. Even Ludovic Bourgeois’ distinctive voice pierces his robotic armor when he returns What about us? in an expertly choreographed assembly line number from P!nk.

This fall, the more cryptic and less obvious Clue Capsules gave viewers a hard time. It can be said that some information about our mystery stars has been gleaned far from their CVs.

Photo courtesy of Berdextier, the show’s Facebook page

The 2021 finalists performed on stage Sunday night.

A definitive conclusion Mask singers 2021 kicked off with the arrival of finalists Hurfang Des Nos (Johann Blouin), Black Turkey (Jason Roy Levy) and The Inseparables (Wilfred Leboutilier and Marie-Elaine Thibert). The winner takes all D’Appa, a typical and predictable piece choice, can say that.

Anouk Meunier is my favorite investigator in the group. She’s resourceful, enthusiastic, a quick reviewer, and always picks up on important information that slips under the radar.

Mask singers An effective, energetic, well-constructed show, however repetitive. That said, it is designed to be a family entertainer, which will return for a third round in September 2023.

In this exciting parade of top-notch disguises, I think Laurence Jalbert (Bunket Skunk), Stephen Archambault (The Mandrill) and Véronique Beliveau (The Firefly) deserve to be further in the running. Justice for these misunderstood creatures, well done!

Time for a real treat

By looking The moment of truth On Sunday evening, a new moon could count on thatDual Occupancy: Martinique Quebec was one of the most exciting, human and enriching experiences in the modern history of reality television.

Photo courtesy of Berdextier, the show’s Facebook page

Candidates fromDual career when The moment of truth

Phrases like “friends for life”, “positive leader”, “lovely people”. Bromance », « just love “, “Being With Each Other” and “Learning About Yourself” punctuated this 1 hour and 30 minute show, which felt more like therapy for personal growth than a necessary tune-up after so much turmoil.

“Each one reaps the fruit of his person”, says Jimmy the Cowboy-Tyler, thankfully not pulling his guitar.

The smell of a public relations operation to restore the image ofODIt is marred by the bullying scandal of the Three Ghosts of Christmas, Present, Past and Future.

Jay du Couille, with a surprising capillary and sartorial restraint, acknowledges rivals in the tone of Louis Chico, torn between two dualities. What did you learn about yourself my friend?

And when the candidatesOD Swing sentences like “You gave him the gift of space” are, in fact, clearly flawed in the nature of the program. Punctuated by André Gagnon’s Christmas-type soundtrack, this intimate formula no longer has anything to do with old-time truth when things get too hectic.

Did this 2022 vintage drink an amnesia — not energy — drink before the cameras arrived? The only real moment of the evening is the hopes of Jonathan, a bachelor who is unloved by Voldemort and his two “taxiamis.” “I have never experienced this in my life calisse Life,” Jonathan summed up the ostracism he experienced in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands. Without cameras, Jonathan met Felix (one of the three evictedOD) in middleman Jasmine Roy’s company to pick up broken pots. From what we found out on Sunday evening, Jonathan wants to destroy OD His CV, and we understand it.

According to the production, Gianna turned down the invitation to join The moment of truth, Sandrine had a fever on the day of the recording. Isaac and Philip, who were responsible for the failure, were apparently automatically removed from the group.

The percentage of the vote has not been made public, but Claudia and Jimi won by “a very substantial margin”. Understand: Aissa and Walid have only collected fragments.

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