PS4 games given a new lease of life on PS5 with next-gen update.  Top 5 polished and renewed titles

PlayStation 4 is a console that is still supported, but it belongs to the last generation. PS4 has a lot of great titles in its library that PlayStation 5 owners can easily play thanks to its backwards compatibility feature. PS5 is still available in small quantities and it’s hard to buy it at a low price, but it’s definitely worth it. Some games that are several years old are gaining a second youth on this device. See which one does it well.

next to the entrance Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, a new generation of consoles is officially on the market. However, during the seven years of the previous reign, there was no huge jump in quality. The PS5 is practically the PS4 on steroids, which is based around the same software architecture. This allowed Sony engineers to seamlessly implement backward compatibility with games as young as 9 years old from the stationWhich makes the new equipment very attractive.

Gamers quickly noticed that previous generation games run better on the new PlayStation than on PS4 Pro. This often happens even without any developer involvement with the code. This works the same way old games on me Modern computer.

However, a large number of great titles didn’t show much difference in performance on the PlayStation 5. The developers, seeing the potential to sell the same product twice, began to adapt several years of production to the power of Sony’s latest console. The effect of these works is provided in different ways, depending on the will of the manufacturer:

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