Ascension will offer collaboration throughout the campaign.  The extension will be available for free

The latest trailer for Returnal on State of Play could grab the attention of gamers who are waiting for a demanding title to debut on PC. Instead of confirming the new platform, Sony has revealed an update that introduces a previously unavailable mode.

Return: Ascension will force fans of the genre to use their skills in new challenges in the Sisyphus Tower, but for many recipients, the info about co-production verification is a real treat. Harry Krueger, Director of Selene Adventures, explained the game with a friend on the PlayStation Blog.

Once you’re in Chronosis near the crash site (and at other specific locations in the game), you’ll be able to host or join the Public Tournament. If you’d like to share your experience with a friend, you can also choose a Private Tournament. Once connected, Selene will join from a schedule Another one to your session and your journey together will begin.”

Co-op in Returnal will not differ significantly from the classic gameplay, but the daredevils should not be too far from each other – otherwise they will be reconnected. In this way, the game together becomes a major point of fun.

Thus, the title of Sony may be a little easier, since there will be a chance to revive your brothers in arms:

“If a player falls, there is still hope: the other player can revive him. Remember, however, that it takes time, and in the heat of battle you have to watch out for countless dangers lest you join your comrade who has fallen into oblivion.”

Progress will depend on the host of the game. Adding a second participant to the fight will give you a chance to defeat a very demanding boss.

“In addition to connecting players’ stories and building a sense of camaraderie, the fleeting solace of connecting with other players also allows you to progress in the game if you get stuck. Progression is tied to the host, so if you’re having trouble defeating a boss or Sir, bringing another player to help you can help. It opens the way to victory.

Return: Ascension will be available in March as a free expansion. In addition to new levels, the boss, and items to discover, the creators will reveal more about the main character’s past and state of mind.

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