Russia calls against the decision of FIFA and UEFA.  Will he turn against Belarus?  baek nothing

Some media in Poland write about Russia’s appeal to the Court of Arbitration for sports (CAS), indicated that Russia appealed not only FIFA’s decision and UEFA On the exclusion of the national team and clubs from international competitions, as well as the associations that They supported the boycott campaign published by the Polish Football Association. Let us remind you that the Polish Federation was the first to announce that its players will not attend any matches with Russia, and that other countries will join their positions.

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“I got goosebumps.” The Ukrainian footballer responded to the decision of the Poles [SPORT.PL LIVE #16]

The names of the football associations were included in the announcement of Russia’s summons to the Court of Arbitration for Sport including. From Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Montenegro, Malta and England. The islanders also expressed their firm position on Russia very quickly.

However, the Belarusian Federation also appeared in the CAS بيان Manifesto Nuna PeaksAs confirmed by the Associated Press in its letter. “The Russian appeal to FIFA and UEFA concerns Poland, Sweden, the Czech Republic and many other European countries. As well as the Belarusian Football Association, Russia’s political and military ally.”

This is not the rebel list, but it is involved

But all this does not mean that Russia is turning against all the national federations mentioned in its appeal. It’s not about pointing fingers at countries boycotting it. It is an important official procedure. As a specialist who deals with sports law told us, Swiss law must include all entities that may be affected by the outcome of a case. Failure to do so may be treated as a procedural error that could destroy the entire appeal. The Court of Lausanne may find that either party has been denied the opportunity to return to the case. So Russian lawyers consciously did their work.

The list of federations included in the appeal includes countries with which one of the football teams or the Russian League was scheduled to compete in the near future. For example, Malta and Montenegro were scheduled to play Russia in the Women’s World Cup qualification match. Luxembourg, Denmark, Austria and France are competing for a youth team. These play, among other things qualified for euro. Greece or Belarus are the closest competitors to the Russia U-17 national team.

“Players should write on Putin’s club shirts.” The Russian president wrapped European football on his finger

From this perspective, it is clear that Russia will not only fight against the World Cup to play a match with Poland for the World Cup in Qatar, but above all not be eliminated from the qualifiers for other tournaments. In total, the Russians were due to play a dozen or so matches in the next month – and the next, the Poland Under-17 team, was scheduled for March 13. If CAS doesn’t reach its bottom quickly, the ball will be in disarray now.

Transfer of qualifications as collateral

After decisions by FIFA and UEFA, as well as the free fate of Poland in the semi-finals of its play-off track, the confusion remains enormous. The Russians have appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and it is difficult to predict the impact of this move on the FIFA decision. In addition, it is impossible to predict the outcome of the legal battle – especially since we only receive letters. However, there are several questions: Will Russia’s membership definitely be suspended? What will happen in the match between Russia and Poland? Wouldn’t it be deferred as insurance? There is still a lot of legal uncertainty, which is confirmed by specialists dealing with sports law.

– The court will have to consider the appeal also in the context of legal regulations, not principles of fairness and justice – said Jacob Laszkowski – legal partner at LAS, director of legal affairs and sports management at Legia Warszawa, an arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration for Sport. – Already in art. 3 of the FIFA Statutes, human rights and their protection are mentioned among the tasks FIFA. So there is a legal framework for FIFA’s decision to suspend the membership of the Russian Football Federation. A more complicated issue is the case of UEFA’s decision to expel Russian clubs, such as Spartak Moscow, from the club competition. The lawyer added that they may argue that they are privately owned, have nothing to do with the Russian state, an oligarchy or companies under international sanctions, and that they are suffering from the dire consequences of the current geopolitical situation.

Cass said in a press release that she has to deal with the matter this week. Especially since the play-off Russia with Poland It was scheduled for March 24.

– CAS can also provide security for Russia, if Russia requests it. Then the court can order the play-off Rated as Mateusz Stankovic, an attorney dealing with sports law.

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