Armed invasion of Ukraine.  Russia lost the largest number of soldiers within 24 hours since the beginning of the aggression

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces stated that in the past 24 hours, the Russian army lost 1,380 soldiers, 55 tanks and 120 armored vehicles. The media in Kiev commented that such large losses had not been recorded among the aggressor forces since the beginning of the armed invasion. According to the British Ministry of Defense, Russia’s loss of combat helicopters as a result of Ukraine’s use of American ATACMS missiles to attack the Russian air base near occupied Berdyansk will greatly affect the capabilities of Russian forces in this sector of the front.

According to the report of the General Staff in Kiev on Friday, the deaths of 1,380 Russian soldiers in the past 24 hours brought the total Russian losses in the war to more than 292,000.

The Ukrainian military report shows that Russian forces also lost 55 tanks, 120 armored vehicles, 29 artillery launchers and four missile systems in the past 24 hours.

A Ukrainian portal specializing in military affairs wrote that the Russian army’s human losses during the past 24 hours are the highest since the beginning of the armed invasion. The Russians lost 1,051 soldiers in the Tauride direction, i.e. in the front section of the Zaporizhzhya region and the western part of the Donetsk region. Fierce fighting took place in this area, with more than 40 combat clashes taking place during the past 24 hours.

Problems for the Russians on part of the front

The British Ministry of Defense, in its daily intelligence update, estimated that Russia’s loss of combat helicopters as a result of Ukraine’s use of US ATACMS missiles to attack the Russian air base near occupied Berdyansk will significantly affect the capabilities of Russian forces in this sector. from front.

“Although the extent of the damage has not yet been confirmed, nine Russian helicopters were likely destroyed in Berdyansk and five in Luhansk. Ukraine claims to have used the US-supplied ATACMS long-range tactical missile for the first time.” Update said.

British analysts noted that Russian defense was increasingly reliant on helicopters. They wrote that Berdyansk Airport was used by the Russians as a forward base in the southern sector of the front, both logistically, offensively and defensively.

Opinion ISW

Ukrainian forces are intensifying their operations in the eastern Kherson region, the US Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported in its latest analysis.

As analysts confirm, Russian sources are discussing “larger than usual” Ukrainian ground operations on the eastern (left) bank of the Dnieper River in the Kherson region.

The Russians provide mixed information about Ukrainian actions, but according to ISW, these operations may be larger than previously observed tactical raids.

Hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers

Presidential advisor Volodymyr Zelensky said that there are between 350,000 and 380,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine in the occupied territories. As he said, this does not mean that “they should all be destroyed.”

– When it comes to a major tactical defeat, it means that in one direction there will be a breakthrough that will break the front line of a certain length. Then other processes will start. Podolak added that those who were mobilized would begin to flee and flee to their lands.

Ukraińska Pravda,,, PAP

Main image source: Sergey Aksyonov / Telegram

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