Move your router.  5 mistakes that destroy your home WiFi network

Where did you put your router? Unfortunately, we often do not pay attention to the location of our router. Sometimes it’s on the floor, behind the bed or even in the kitchen. The space allocated for the router is very important and affects the range of your home WiFi network and the speed of your Internet connection.

To get better call quality, it is helpful to change the location of our devices. Where do you put the router? A good idea is to use a shelf or cabinet at the focal point of your home or apartment. This way the signal will cover the entire usable area evenly, and thanks to the height it will reach without any problems or obvious loss of power.

Let’s remember that Do not keep the router in the kitchen. This specific room is filled with metal items and appliances (such as a microwave oven or refrigerator). Such objects and materials used in their production can significantly and negatively affect the strength and quality of the router signal.

To save electricity, we often decide to disconnect appliances from the socket periodically, or simply We turn it off He eats. This happens, for example, before a trip when we know that we will not be home for a long time. This is not only saving, but also safety. While this can be used for a computer or TV, it varies with a router.

Do not turn off your router regularly. These devices are designed to operate continuously 24 hours a day, throughout the year. If we turn off the router regularly, it may cause network problems. For example, an operator may notice frequent signal outages, which will be interpreted as a bandwidth issue and result in an emergency speed drop. Slow wifi Alone is a bad idea.

Wi-Fi router Pets in theory should not disturb each other. Aside from extreme cases like biting the cable or throwing the router out of the closet, there could be a somewhat unexpected problem with your home internet. However, we are not talking about the activity of cats or dogs, but about aquarium fish.

We may not even pay attention to the fact that weak WiFi is the result of a large water tank in our apartment. The fish tank can effectively block the signal transmission from the router, which will make our internet run slowly. However, you don’t have to get rid of the fish, all you have to do is move the router to another location. There is also a good method to use Wifi signal extender.

Most of us need it WifiMeanwhile, a surprising number of people are trying to carefully hide a small router. They are hidden in cabinets, placed behind the bed or sofa so that they are as visible as possible. However, the problem appears later because the bandwidth is weak and the files download slowly. Don’t hide your router!

When looking for a place for an Internet device, choose a device that allows the signal to be well distributed throughout the house or apartment. Although the signal is invisible, physical obstacles will make it difficult for it to reach the nooks and crannies of our home. A sofa or bed will be sufficient wifi signal It was of much lower quality.

As long as regular Turn off the router Not a good idea, sometimes that Re-Set It can help keep your network healthy. It’s not about deleting settings every week. We talk about factory reset when we notice any internet problems at home.

Regular practice is also good practice Change Wi-Fi password. This can be done using a special application from the router manufacturer, or by logging in via a browser. This will allow us to clean our home network from unwanted guests.

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