Ukraine.  And the devices detained the false referendum organizer.  She collected votes and persuaded her to join Russia |  world News

security service Ukraine Identification and arrest of a 50-year-old man who participated in the organization of a pseudo-Russian referendum. A resident of the village of Stelmakhivka in Luhansk Oblast vowed to cooperate with the occupier for “ideological reasons”.

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Putin put everything on one piece of paper. He gave the generals one last chance.

Ukraine. The 50-year-old was organizing a phony referendum. She is threatened with imprisonment

Before the occupation, the woman was supposed to work in a local agricultural enterprise, according to information from the Security Service of Ukraine. When the Ukrainian lands were occupied RussiansI submitted to the new “authorities” and began working with them.

“Given her loyalty, the occupiers assigned her a fake job Referendum In the countryside ”- we read in a press release of SBU.

“This goes against an OSW analyst’s ‘special operation’ about Putin’s decision.”

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To ensure the “integration” of the occupied territories into RussiaAmong other things, roam the backyards of your fellow residents holding ballot boxes, collecting ballot papers and encouraging them to choose to join Russia. In addition, the votes were also supposed to be counted in such a way as to correspond to the results established by the Kremlin.

The collaborator is currently in custody. Services accused her of deliberately acting for change borderAs well as participating in the organization of an illegal referendum. She is at risk of up to 10 years due to these actions Prison.

Putin’s rigged referendums and illegal annexation. And now martial law

From September 23 to 27 in four Ukrainian provinces partially occupied by Russia (Luhansk, DonetskKherson, Zaporizhia) False polls were conducted. The results, falsified by the Kremlin, were not recognized by world leaders.

September 30 Russian President Vladimir Putin It was announced that the said departments had been incorporated into Russia. He explained the illegal annexation by the fact that “the people chose”, a continuation of the false rhetoric of the Kremlin, according to which Russia Defending Ukrainians against the corrupt West.

Andre DudaDuda spoke with the President of Iran. The topic of delivery of drones to Russia

On Wednesday, October 19, Vladimir Putin imposed martial law in the occupied territories, which Ukrainians view as a false legalization of the looting of Ukrainians. – This does not change anything for Ukraine: we are continuing to liberate and displace our lands – commented Mikhailo Podoljak, adviser to the Ukrainian President.

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