+ Apple TV at a much higher price.  The first increase in service history

At the beginning of the week, Apple announced a much higher price, including the Apple TV +. Customers should prepare for increases and the change in supply will also be noticeable in Poland.

Apple TV + is an interesting offer for fans of watching movies, series and documents at home, because although Apple does not upload many products to its servers, the proposed stories in many cases maintain the level. The company has already prepared many notable hits that have been appreciated by viewers all over the world.

Currently, Apple TV + was available in Poland for PLN 24.99, but now we will buy the service for PLN 34.99 – viewers in our country will have to pay an additional PLN 10, which is about 40% more than the previous offer. We will also notice a significant difference in price in the case of the annual Apple TV +, because instead of PLN 249, we will now pay PLN 349.

In Poland, other offers of the American company will also be more expensive – Apple Music (19.99 PLN to 21.99 PLN) and Apple One (from 39.99 PLN to 44.99 PLN). In the current situation, it seems that the best option is Apple One, because for one price, users will receive up to four services: Apple TV +, Music, Apple Arcade and iCloud.

Apple confirmed that the Apple TV + price hike was due to a simple situation – when SVOD took off, it didn’t have an extensive library, but the company offered a streaming subscription in November 2019 and since then new products have been landing on servers.

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