The construction of the TVP tender cost of the new headquarters of TVP Info 607 million PLN

The bid was previously announced Polish TV In August last year related to the construction of the new headquarters of the TV Information Agency – together with services, an underground garage, accompanying infrastructure and land development – at the headquarters of TVP at ul. Woronicza in Warsaw.

At the end of January this year. TVP announced that it had received five offers:
– Duraco Construction with a value of 606.9 million PLN,
– a consortium of Adamietz (as leader) and EBS BUD (as partner) in the amount of PLN 607.2 million,
– salary in the amount of 626.1 million PLN,
Mostal Warsaw in the amount of 632 million PLN,
– PORR in the amount of 642.9 million PLN.

Two bids were rejected, the best Doraco for 607 million PLN

When evaluating offers 97 percent. Libra is the total price, 3 percent. – Quality guarantee period provided for electrical and power equipment (including transformer stations, switching stations, UPS batteries, RUPS and aggregates) and all sanitary, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

With the disclosure of offers Telewizja Polska has announced that it intends to allocate a maximum of 495.6 million PLN to finance construction. He wants to sign a 36-month contract with the chosen entity.

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Late last week, the Public Broadcasting Corporation announced that Doraco offer is considered the most advantageous in giving, You get a maximum of 100 points. Adamietz’s bid and EBS BUD scored 99.95 points, Mirbud’s bid – 97.03 points, and Mostostal Warszawa’s bid and PORR were rejected.

TVP has not confirmed whether it plans to sign a contract with Doraco, despite the fact that its offer significantly exceeds the planned construction budget.

22.4 million PLN for the construction of the new headquarters of TVP Olsztyn

Last week, Polish TV also announced the final result Announced at the end of March this year. Tender for the design and construction of the new headquarters of TVP Olszyn. One bid submitted – The consortium of companies PBO Śląsk and WODPOL proposed a maximum price of PLN 22.41 million.

The bid was awarded with a maximum of 100 points: 98 points for the total price and 2 points for the quality guarantee period for electrical, electrical, plumbing, ventilation and air conditioning. It was noted that the offer fulfills the requirements of the Public Procurement Law regarding the terms of the tender.

Also in this case, the contractors offered a much higher price than The budget of the commission originally planned by Telewizja Polska, which amounted to PLN 18.6 million.

What should the new TAI headquarters look like

Television Information Agency is responsible for the production of all information and press content on TVP, led by TVP Info as well as “Wiadomości”, “Panorama” and “Teleexpress”.

TAI is currently headquartered in a building on Powstańców Square in the heart of Warsaw. In the spring of 2020, immediately after the outbreak of the epidemic, the implementation of “Teleexpress” was temporarily moved to the headquarters of TVP at ul. and Ronicka.

According to the detailed description of the contract (the visualizations attached to it and attached to the text) published with the tender announcement, the new headquarters of the TV Media Agency will consist of two buildings. The garage marked with number 1 will consist of a two-level underground garage and five floors above ground.

On the ground floor there are, among other things, TV studios with accompanying rooms, office and social rooms, on the first floor – the TVP sports studio, rooms for editors and graphic designers, a staff canteen, on the second floor – editing and assembly rooms, on the third – studios for television needs TVP3, the main switching room and data center, on the fourth floor – offices, editing rooms and meeting rooms.

TAI newsroom space is allocated on the ground floor, first, second and third floors.

Building No. 2 has 10 floors (no underground parking). Most of them were planned for offices, utility rooms and archives. On the other hand, on the ninth floor, a panoramic studio with exit and back rooms will be opened.

– The shape of the buildings is proportional to the limited space on the one hand the existing buildings D and F, and on the other hand the rows of trees located along the ul border line. and Ronicka. In the central part, in accordance with the provisions of the local development plan, there is a dominant height (10 floors) that regulates the perspective view – mentioned in the description.

Three main facade strands are designed, common to each of the newly designed buildings, two of which (with vertical division) indicate through a clear rhythm the D, F and B buildings located in the immediate vicinity, while the third: a large panoramic glazed – allows Creating interesting interactions in the public space of Woronicza Street and “revitalizing” the northern elevation of Building 1, opening it to the public area of ​​ul. Woronicza – additive.

The new headquarters of TVP3 Olsztyn at ul. Kalinovsky

In turn, the bidding documents for The new headquarters of TVP3 Olsztyn indicates that the building will be erected at ul. Kalinovsky. In the middle of last year Gazeta Wyborcza reported that Telewizja Polska was in the process of completing the purchase of a plot of about 0.5 hectares on this street, and the seller was the state-owned company Energa (affiliated with the Orlen Group).

According to the assumptions, the building consists of three floors, a superstructure (entrance to the roof) and a hall at the back (total height 7.2 m). It should include, among others, two studios (smaller – defined as information and larger), a director and a lecturer’s booth.

The documentation specifies in detail the technical specifications of the planned bench.

TVP builds a hall for PLN 150 million and two regional headquarters for PLN 29 million

In the first half of January this year. The Polish Television Photography Building has been opened at the Radio Headquarters. The facility will be commissioned in 2024 and will cost about PLN 150 million.

The general contractor for the new hall is Korporacja Budowlana Doraco, who was selected by TVP in a tender early last year. The building was designed by studio PIG Architekci – a subcontractor of Doraco. – The hall will introduce a new quality in the production of Telewizja Polska, and above all – make us independent of external suppliers. We will be self-sufficient – declares Jacek Kurski.

In August last year a symbolic shovel was pushed into the construction of the new headquarters of the TVP branch in Gorzów Wielkopolski. Jacek Korsky said: – It is already the twenty-first century and public television should have the highest standards, not only journalistic, but organizational as well.

A month later, work began on the construction of the new headquarters of Public Radio in Kielce. Telewizja Polska decided in the fall of 2020 to tender for the construction of both facilities, and a consortium selected a bid of PLN 28.66 million.

TVP with increasing revenue and declining profits

In the first three quarters of 2021, TVP’s marketing revenue increased significantly year-on-year: advertising revenue – from PLN 428.2 million to PLN 489.4 million, and sponsorship revenue – from PLN 79.9 million to PLN 86.7 million. The broadcaster expected more: PLN 514.6 million from advertising and PLN 91.3 million from sponsorship. He explained in a report he submitted to the National Media Council that this is “due to the uncertain situation in the advertising market due to the pandemic.”

Public Broadcasting Corporation’s total revenue decreased 9.2% year over year. to PLN 2.36 billion, and an increase in operating costs by 24%. To PLN 2.15 billion, net profit decreased from PLN 702.6 million to PLN 164.4 million. The results are better than the TVP plan.

In 2020, Polish TV Its revenues increased by 330 million PLN to 3.04 billion PLN, and operating costs increased by 120 million PLN to 2.82 billion PLN. The broadcaster’s revenue from advertising and sponsorship fell 12%. to PLN 740 million, while PLN 2.04 billion from RTV subscription and compensation last year (584 million PLN more than in 2019). The company made 198 million PLN net profit.

At the end of 2020, on Telewizja Polska There were 2,867 full-time employees, an increase of 42 from the previous year. Each individual earned an overall average of PLN 9,832 (excluding severance pay and benefits)The remuneration of the Board of Directors amounted to 2.17 million PLN. Total payroll spending rose 6.2%. Up to 545.19 million PLN.

In this year’s financial plan. TVP assumes a revenue increase of 5.4 percent. to PLN 3.2 billion and a decrease in net result from PLN 198.3 million in profit to PLN 250 million in loss. The profitability of the dispatcher will decrease, among other things, the costs of servicing Euro 2020 and the Olympics as well as the launch of new stations.

In 2021, Telewizja Polska received another 1.71 billion PLN as part of the subscription compensation. The budget law, which included a total of 1.95 billion PLN in compensation for TVP, Polish Radio and regional public radio stations, was signed by President Andrzej Duda at the end of January.

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