Anya Taylor-Joy convinced the director of Furiosa to film the “female rage” scene.  It turned out to be so terrible that it had to be cut

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23 Bet 2024, 12:29

Furiosa is quickly approaching. The film is rated R, so viewers will enjoy some intense scenes. However, one of them was so terrible that it was decided to delete it, Anya Taylor-Joy told us.

Image credit: Furiosa, George Miller, Warner Bros., 2024


angry It is a new part of the famous post-apocalyptic series Mad Max. The series will be released on the big screens tomorrow, May 24. So interviews are posted online as actors and creators encourage viewers to go to movie theaters. Judging by the recent statement of the person playing the title character Annie Taylor JoyThe show will present us with very powerful scenes. However, one of them was so terrible that the creators decided to delete it.

In conversation with GQ The actress said she wanted her character’s transformation to be visible. For this purpose, star The Queen’s Gambit I came up with a scene in it Furiosa cuts out the tongue of her opponent and captor, Dementus photographed before Chris Hemsworth.

an actress He succeeded in convincing director George Miller to film this clip, which symbolizes “feminine rage.” And the externalization of Furiosa’s anger. However, the scene turned out to be so terrible that it was cut.

It was very important to me that the confrontation between Furiosa and Dementus also became physical, and was hard-won. The movie needed her, she needed her. I think that’s how we see the character – that he becomes more physical.

Although the scene didn’t make it into the final cut of the film, it made its own way The actress kept the Dementus prosthetic tongue as a souvenir She placed the artifact in a plastic box in her home.

It is worth noting this immersion in a dystopian world Mad Max It was a difficult experience for Anya Taylor-Joya She described some of the group’s working moments as “painful.”. However, it seems that The dedication of the actors This was to the film’s advantage, because the show received great reviews, and the creators could count on Cannes to a nearly eight-minute standing ovation.

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