A film full of extraordinary adventures of treasure hunters

The film refers to events in which our country was not involved, but which at that time were like the space voyages of our time: the voyages of sailors setting out into the unknown, in search of new sea routes, but also of riches that were supposed to abound in previously unknown sources vast expanses of Our world for Europeans.

One such figure was Francis Drake, a pirate in the service of the English Queen Elizabeth I. He plundered Spanish ships and cities in the New World, but he was also a great sailor and explorer. Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) is supposed to be his descendant. He has been interested in ancient maps and expeditions from centuries ago since he was a child, and knows everything about them at his fingertips. However, he doesn't use it yet, he works as a waiter, and when there's a chance to steal something, he definitely doesn't waste it. His life changes when “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) crosses his path. He's a treasure hunter, but also a conman and a schemer. He searches for Nathan because he knows he might know something that might be useful to him in finding Magellan's gold. He's not the only one who wants to find this treasure. Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas), scion of the family that centuries ago was involved in financing Magellan's expedition, follows the same path. So it is clear to him that the treasure belongs to him. We'll also meet two extraordinary women: Chloe Fraser (Sofia Ali) and Braddock (Tati Gabrielle). No one wants to have any of them against them. In this film everyone is trying to outwit each other, and if there are any alliances, they are temporary and fragile. We will witness amazing feats and adventures, we will see a car flying from a flying plane, and centuries-old ships being towed through the air by helicopters. We will visit Barcelona and the Philippines. We will enjoy and forget the difficult day. And if anyone makes connections to films starring Indiana Jones, they will be vindicated. Here we also have crazy adventures and incredible situations. But the goal is to enjoy watching it.

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