Another success for Linette in Charleston.  What a competition entry, show

For singles competitions on Credit One Charleston Open 2024 Two Polish women came – Magdalena Frisch and Magda Lynette While the first woman unfortunately bid farewell to the tournament after only one match (Losing to Sloane Stephens), the second mentioned player has two victories so far – against Petra Martic and Diana Jastremska.

The Poznań native took up the fight on another front and joined the doubles team with the representative of China. Shuai Zhang. Fate put this duo in the way in the first round (1/8 finals), a duo consisting of the Brazilian Ingrid Jamari Martinez And Slovak women Tereza Mihaljkova.

Grigor Dimitrov – Jannik Sinner. The most prominent features of the game. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

WTA Charleston. Linette/Zhang – Gamara Martins/Mihalikova: course and result of the match

The skirmish, which was originally scheduled to take place, began at 3:30 pm on 3 April local time (9:30 pm Polish time). With a significant delay of several hours due to rain. Ultimately, the athletes headed to the field shortly before midnight.

Lynette Fei Chang They started strong, only losing one point in the first match. They were quickly met with a response from their opponents, but after the scoreboard showed 1-1 in the mini matches, the Polish and Chinese players took complete control of the match.

They won the first set 6:1She defeated her rivals twice along the way. The decisive and fast match was a bit overwhelming Jamari Martinez and Mihalykovawhich – although they defended one fixed point – were finally forced to accept the “baguette”.

The second part of the match also had an excellent start on the part of the Poznań player and her partner – in the first two games they did not lose a single point and only in the third little maneuver did they have to work a little harder, although… they still won it, scoring second place in the group .

It was the same in the fourth match, but later some difficulties began – the Brazilian and the Slovakian made two “shots” and closed the gap between the duo – it was only 4:2. Fortunately, it turned out to be just a temporary setback – Magda Linette and Shuai Zhang eventually won with scores of 6:2 and 2:0 in the entire match..

WTA Charleston. Magda Linette will soon be playing against the best tennis player in the world

The winner will now face off in a quarter-final battle with the US-Australian team Nicole Melichar Martinez – Ellen PerezWho eliminated two representatives of the host country in the first round – Kessler and Ngunui.

If we are talking about individual competition, it is another opponent Magda Lynette Th Charleston it will be Jessica PegulaWhich the Polish will face on April 4 – the second match will be at 17.00 (Polish time) on the main stadium. On Thursday, the athlete from Wielkopolska, after the match against Pegula…will compete against Milicar Martinez and Perez. Everything will be intense.

Magda Lynette/AFP/Getty Images North America Matthew Stockman/MS/MS/France Press agency

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