January 28, 2023


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ATP in Montreal.  Hurkacz and Zieliński advanced to the second round

ATP in Montreal. Hurkacz and Zieliński advanced to the second round

The Poles started the match brilliantly – Too late due to rain And in the second half they broke their opponents, which they also repeated in match number six. And though they lost their service after a while, They may have won 6:3.

The second batch was already much more than thatBoth duos will play gems for gems. Puetz and Venus can break their constant monotony with a 2:1 difference, but They didn’t use my break points.

But in the tennis players’ next service game, they actually took advantage of the opportunity, but Hurkacz and Zielinski They responded with a release back Finally, it resulted in a 6:6 draw.

So the tiebreak decided the fate of the second set. Hurkacz and Zieliński were at the topwinning 7-4, which gave them promotion to the second round.

The Polish duo will participate in the next match, Karen Chaczano and Denis Shapovalov or Rohan Bubana and Matwe Middelkoop.

Hubert Hurkacz, who climbed to 10th in the ATP rankings on Monday, will also appear in the singles, as he ranks eighth. The match will start from the second round.

Hubert Hurkacz, Jan Zieliński (Poland) – Tim Puetz, Michael Venus (Germany, New Zealand, 6) 6:3, 7:6 (7-4)

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