Jekevich got an offer from Bayern Munich.  After much thought, he made his decision.  "I do not regret it" football

The Polish goalkeeper is having a good time. Rafai Jekevich stop at Saturday Bayern Munich in the seventh round of the German League, where FC Augsburg won 1-0. The Polish goalkeeper saved many shots, including the one by … Manuel Neuer.

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Jekevich received an offer from Bayern Munich. “I do not regret”

added time Match, corner kick for Bayern Munich. The Bavarians were dreaming of a draw, so even their goalkeeper Manuel Neuer reported the penalty area. It was he who could turn the tide of the match, because the ball hit his head after the cross.

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Neuer directed the ball towards the right post, but Rafai Jekevich remained vigilant towards him. The pole miraculously saved the famous German goalkeeper’s shot and became the hero of the game.

In the aforementioned match, our goalkeeper confirmed that he is in good shape since the beginning of the current season. As a result, the media are eager to write about him and want to talk to him. Viewers of the show heard a surprising confession “The Power of Football” on the Sports Channel.

– European Championship in football. Rafai Jekevich is in the TVP Sport studio, and I’m sitting next to him. “You know what, he fights with his ideas. I have an offer from Bayern Munich on the table to be the second goalkeeper after Manuel Neuer” – he said during the broadcast. Tomasz Smokowski. The guard confirmed his words.

It was an option that on Wednesday you travel in a Hugo Boss suit to the Champions League and you have to settle for that. I feel very good. Recently Artur Wichniaryk was with me at one of the matches, and in my fridge there is a card with goals – there is no Polish national team on it, if it interests someone. Regarding Bayern Munich, I have no regrets because I will be sitting there on the bench and still show that I can play at a high level. Perhaps there will come a moment when I will follow the path of Jurik Dudek and check out how the great club operates – commented the 35-year-old goalkeeper.

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