We've closed the debut date for Palworld, one of the most anticipated games on Steam
January 9, 2024, at 21:23

author: Zuzana “Zozolik” Domiradzka

We find out when Palworld, a game inspired by the Pokemon series, will be available in Early Access. The production, which includes creatures shooting guns, is eagerly awaited by thousands of fans.

Image source: Pocket Pair


Pocketpair studio split today Information About the first date of its upcoming production inspired by the famous Pokemon series. In the worldSince this is the title we're talking about, it will be released on January 19th for Early Access on Xbox Series The game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

At the same time, a new short trailer has been published In the world (below), thanks to which you can get acquainted with the appearance of some creatures and look at the graphic design.

Take care of your pets or eat them

In the world It has several points in common with the famous Pokemon games. In the production from Pocketpair Studio, we capture colorful creatures (here called Pals), which we can use to fight the enemies we encounter, including bosses. The biggest difference from the Game Freak series is just that Th In the world Our players can use different types of “guns” (such as huge grenade launchers), and many interesting activities are waiting for the player.

The main goal here seems to be to keep the fellows alive. You have to take care of the creatures by providing them with food and training them – If we treat them poorly or forget about them, they can turn against us. The danger also concerns the player himself, who cannot forget about his needs when visiting different types of biomes. If necessary, you can even eat your friends…

To be done in In the world There will be a lot of other things too. You can develop a farm, build structures (such as pyramids), and even run a factory. Previously caught creatures will help us in all these tasks, Which – as the creators claim – is not subject to any labor law.

“Friends” can travel and fight with us in dangerous dungeons. However, the main character is not defenseless because he has access to, among other things, guns, swords and bows. If the situation on the battlefield gets out of control, you can mount your creature (some of which can fly or swim) and escape to the base.

W In the world We will play alone or in a cooperative mode of up to 4 people, which will allow us to travel side by side with friends. Moreover, just like in the games of the series Pokemon-You will be able to exchange creatures with them.

Will it be a hit?

It is worth noting attention In the world huge. Gra Located In tenth place It is among the products that are frequently added to wish lists on Steam. From data from the website SteamDB It appears to be on Valve's platform In the world His followers are more than 113 thousand people.

Let's close the history of the debut of Palworld, one of the most anticipated games on Steam - Illustration #1

if In the world It will be a huge success this year, and we will find out after the title's debut. will spend at least a year in Early Access, And the creators want to develop it, regularly adding, among other things, new creatures, items and areas. Over 100 different “companions” are set up to get you started.

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