Another big event in Poland?  The president reveals the details

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Arcadius Dudziak

unusual situation. Poland can take the Champions League final away from Italy. – There is a topic for this. He came from the league – PZPS President Sebastian Oederski tells Will the Polish final of the Champions League be held in Spodek? There is one hitch.

Volleyball clubs from Poland are one step away from writing the history of the national sport. They played brilliantly in their first Champions League semi-final match. Firstly, Jastrzębski Wegiel Halkbank defeated Ankara 3:1 on the road. A few hours later, Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle beat Sir Safety Susa Perugia by the same score.

This means that both teams are in excellent positions heading into the second leg. They need two wins to advance. If they lose 0:3 or 1:3, they will still have a chance in the Golden Group.

The Polish final in the Champions League is just one step away. It is already known that the cup match will take place on May 20th. CEV announced that Turin would host the tournament. However, perhaps the PZPS would like to change this situation and move the meeting to Spodek in Katowice.

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– There is a topic for this. Came from the university, such a proposal was made at a meeting with its president. But let everything be clear first, let’s find out who are the finalists of the Champions League, – revealed Sebastian Schwederski in an interview with

As of 2019, LM Cup matches are held in a new format. In one day, the finals of the Champions League and the Champions League are held in one hall. There are also four teams in the women’s game, including three teams from Turkey and Italy’s Igor Gorgonzola Novara. The coach of this team is the coach of the Polish women’s national team, Stefano Lavarini.

And herein lies the problem, because the city is only 100 km from Turin. One would expect an influx of fans into Turin. – Let’s let these girls fight for the Grand Final, because if they advance, the Italians would rather not give us the event – explains the activist.

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