retirement!  You will earn at least 242 PLN.  The probable indicator in 2023 is 18.1%.

Pension Connection 2023

Inflation is losing pace a bit, but it will be a long time before our groups catch up with the prices that rose during the escalating attack. They know it well Older people who over the past year with increasing difficulty They have dealt with the effects of inflation and the astronomical prices of staples in stores. As per a quick estimate of the Central Statistical Office, The inflation rate in the consumer price index for the month of July was 15.5 percent. So there is still an expensive boom that we haven’t seen in 24 years! The prospect is a certain consolation for retirees, who are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet Valuing its benefitsWhich addresses these problems at least in part.

Check below how to increase your pension in 2023.

Money is not everything Przemysław Daca

How much will retirees get?

Taking into account the current inflation rate and the salary increase at the level of 13%, the indicator would be a staggering 18.1%. It looks like retirees will get more money than they will lose on the high price. In such a scenario, even the poorest pensioners, who receive the lowest interest at the level of PLN 1,338, will experience a strong cash injection of more than PLN 242, and their monthly pension will rise to PLN 1,580.70.

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The aim of the valuation is to compensate for the high prices of retirees and to equalize their pensions with the level of economic development. The amount of your pension depends on the amount of money we have set aside from your pension contributions. The final value of the index ratio will not be known until February 2023, when it will be announced by the ZUS. Benefits increased with indices will only be paid from March 1, 2023. In 2022, the index was 7%.


Is the current assay ratio at the appropriate level?

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