Anna Senyuk returns to screens in a new Netflix production.  'Nothing by Force' premieres just before Easter – Super Express

Polish productions on Netflix break records in popularity. Following the huge success of “Quack” and the well-received series “1670”, a new comedy of manners titled “Nothing by Force” will be launched on the platform. The film tells the story of the adventures of Chef Olivia, who is tricked into going to the countryside to save her grandmother's farm. Olivia falls in love with a handsome farmer, but little does she know that her boyfriend is hiding a secret…

Colorful characters and great acting. Anna Senyuk plays a daring role

The main role will be played by Anna Szymanczyk, who was loved by Poles for her role as Zośka in the new film “Quack”. Her partner will be Mateusz Janicki, known, among others, from the series “Na dobre i na evil”, “The Century of the Guilty”, “Przyjaciółki” or the latest film adaptation of “Mr. Samochodzik and the Templars”.

“Nothing by Force” is also a wonderful return to the screens of outstanding actors: Anna Senyuk and Artur Parsis, who created very expressive acting roles in their latest production. The gallery of colorful and unique characters in “Nothing by Force” was also created by: Polina Holtz, who completely changed her image for the role in the film, Cezary Czak, Filip Gorlacz, Piotr Rojoki, Paweś Koslek, Magdalena Smalara, Sebastian Stankiewicz and Mikołaj Cieslak.

A large dose of humor and emotion, picturesque and amazing shots of Podlasie, many elements of Polish folklore, as well as the “theatricality” of animals living in the village of Podlasie, who in their own way comment on the actions of the heroes of the film – these are the trademarks and merits of the film “Nothing by Force”. . Premiering Wednesday, March 27, 2024 on Netflix!

This scene is from the movie Nothing Forced. See the preview!

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