He fired an employee over Skype.  “Janoszeria, Level Master”

The boss fired the employee. A few days after his appointment. Via Skype. In a group chat. The woman posted screenshots of this conversation on social media. A storm broke out on the Internet and a wave of criticism fell on the company. The owner published a statement on this matter.

“My manager fired me on Skype because I submitted 9 production visualizations, not 15 like the graphic designer who was working here from the beginning (second day of work),” wrote user Petrichor on the X platform, also posting screenshots of the conversation.

Screenshots show the boss firing the employee in a Skype group chat, which 27 other people have access to.

“Did you do five visualizations throughout the day?” – asked the president. In response, the graphic designer wrote that she did 9 visualizations. “I was still learning a new program, and I had no contact with Corel (graphic design software – editor),” she added.

The president replied, “Oh, please. You must be kidding. Thank you. Goodbye. I don't pay tuition fees.”

The woman told her boss that during the job interview she talked about using Adobe software. “There were no problems with my appointment, so I'm surprised,” she wrote.

“But I'm here, bye,” the manager repeated and asked the woman to leave her accounting number. “The transfer will go to you in exchange for this education” – we can read in the correspondence.

“I see there is little respect for others here, thank you too. Unfortunately, there is no professionalism on your part,” the graphic designer wrote.

While sharing the conversation, the woman did not mention the company she worked for during those few days. Screenshots show only the owner's name. However, netizens quickly discovered which company she belonged to. The company received a wave of criticism, and its online profiles were flooded with negative comments. “The owner of the company wrote to me that he would send my screenshots to their law firm. And that now they hate the company because of me, I did not even provide the name of the company and only wrote the truth to show how the employee was treated,” the fired woman wrote.

In the next few entries, the graphic designer described several situations at work that occurred over those few days, for example that she should not have written “hello” to her boss.

Another problem was the issue of meals and breaks. The woman wrote that she took a break at 11:30, which led to her being reprimanded because she “can't eat at this time.” When she responded that she was hungry and was taking medication at the time, another employee told her, “There will be a penalty.”

“Janoszeria, Level Master”

Wojtek Kardyś, specialist in online communications and digital marketing, is angry about the whole situation, calling the businessman's behavior “Januszeria, master of level” and pointing out his mistakes at several points. He started by saying that newly hired people should be put under the “umbrella” and given proper implementation and introduction to the projects and the team.

“You can't expect minimum drawings from anyone,” Kardish said. “Above all, the work has to be done well and conscientiously, with quality, and not sloppily, especially at the beginning.”

He also added: “Don't get fired for things like the following, and most importantly, not over Skype.”

“This is truly the highest level of redneck agency on the market. I don't know (yet) who is the person who is being fired, but this is a perfect example of anti-leader, anti-boss, anti-person. How could anyone get fired like this?! This is me not I can get around him?!” – He said.

The owner explains himself

The company owner commented on the situation in a post on Facebook.

“I decided to point out the case that spread widely across the Polish Internet today,” he began his post, in which he described his version of events.

“We hired a new person in the graphics department, and our requirements were clear from the beginning, which was a good knowledge of the Corel graphics software that our company uses. The person who came to us and was selected to work in this position declared himself qualified and quickly mastered the software. The first day was a training and grammar day.” Running the company, graphic designers collaborating with the sales department, etc. We counted this day as a paid working day, other than that it was a typical executive day. We have billed you at the hourly rates applicable in your one-month trial authorization contract.”

“During the next two days of work, it became clear that the above-mentioned person needed significant assistance from other people from the graphics department and was not working independently. Unfortunately, we do not have time to work additionally on the new person and engage him,” he added. “Other employees are carrying out his tasks.” By engaging people in new positions, we anticipate the knowledge and competencies that these people demonstrate during the interview.”

“In this case, I decided to resign from the cooperation. This was done via Skype, because I am often far from the company and do not always have the opportunity to contact the employee personally. I really regret it, it should have been done in person,” he said.

He also reported that a “wave of hatred” had fallen on the company and on him. He also mentioned “thousands of abusive emails and messages being sent via company messengers, text messages to phones, etc….”.

“I leave you to answer the question of whether we deserve a wave of hate and this online harassment because someone lost their job 3 days after taking the job and was informed about it via Skype?” – he wrote.

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