Roman Zawski is dead.  The director of "Koogle Muggle" and "Oh Carol" has passed away before his 86th birthday

The Association of Polish Filmmakers sent sad news on Tuesday, December 6th. he died Director and screenwriter Roman Zalewski. On December 10, the creator will be 86 years old.

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“Kogel Mogel” is a kind of cult film. Why do people love him so much? For these quotes!

Roman Zawski is dead. The Polish director was 85 years old

As we read, Roman Zawski died at 29 November 2022 General in Warsaw, information about his death was given only now. According to the portal information, the artist is buried at Bródno cemetery in in Warsaw.

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Jerzy Polomsky died. The author of the song “The Whole Room Sings With Us” was 89 years old

Roman Załuski passed away before his eighty-sixth birthday. Who was he?

In 1958, Roman Zawski graduated from the directing department of the State Film School at boat. After graduation, he went to Warsaw. He gained popularity thanks to his comedies about morality times PRL: “Emergency Exit” (1982), “Oh, Carol” (1985), “Kogel-mogel” (1988), “Galimatias, or Kogel-mogel II” (1989), and “The Marriage Comedy” (1994) .

According to the SFP, Załuski was awarded the Radio and Television Committee Prize for radio and television work in 1970. He was also nominated six times for the Golden Lion at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. In 1986, “Oh, Karol” received the Special Prize from the Polish Federation of Film Discussion Clubs for the highest attendance.

Kamel DorczukThis includes those people who died in the last year

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