Do you remember Llama Reno from the movie Sexmission?  The Actress Actress is 67 years old today.  We know what he's doing

Bożena Stryjkówna faced shyness from an early age and thought acting was not for her. Although after the sentence Baccalaureate Women She wanted to study Polish philology, in a university she met a handsome bachelor’s degree that changed her life plans Upside down.

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Bożena Stryjkówna started her acting career out of love

After Bożena Stryjkówna passes her high school final exams at a university, she meets Julius Macholsky, her future husband. Young people were so in love with each other that they did not want to part. So the woman decided to study at the same university of her choice. The choice fell on the Lodz Film Festival. Has stepped up Acting departmentIt is to the output section.

Career of actress and theater Bożena Stryjkówna. The husband wrote the role of Lamia Reno with her in mind

Bożena Stryjkówna graduated from the acting department in 1978, and a year later made her stage debut in a play called Greta’s Crazy. her role Film industry for the first time Turns out it was a movie Friday “Ware die Erde nicht rund?”. However, the production that each of us can relate to is “Sexmission”. She played one of the brightest characters out there. Ethereal blonde Lamia Reno. The film was a resounding success, because it was watched in Poland alone, in theaters there are more than a million viewers and was a worldwide success.

Few people know that the director of this film was none other than Julius Macholsky, then-husband of Bożena Stryjkówna. Apparently, he specifically wrote the role of Lamia to promote his wife. And although the production was incredibly successful, her career as an actress was interrupted. Shortly thereafter, the artist fell into oblivion and was soon forgotten. To this day, her filmography consists of only a few films. Itself Marriage also did not stand the test of time It expired after 13 years.

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What is Bożena Stryjkówna doing today?

Although Bożena Stryjkówna hasn’t had much success on the big screen, she still works in the world of cinema. Thanks a lot for your advice Experienced artist. As an acting consultant, she has collaborated, among other things, with the films “The Worm”, “Life Feels Good” and “Icarus”. The legend of Mitik Kush.” Moreover, he still works in the theater.

Bożena StryjkównaBożena Stryjkówna Photo by Sławomir Kamiński / Agencja

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