June 6, 2023


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A supernova or... a black hole?  Strange signal from space

A supernova or… a black hole? Strange signal from space

Astronomers love to discover new things in deep space. On May 20, 2019, the FAST Giant Radio Telescope Umbrella in China recorded a signal that was marked by the amazing abbreviation FRB 190520. Then it turned out to be a very interesting thing, because from this place in space, repeated radio signals arrived at Earth.

In 2020, Americans from the National Science Foundation joined forces to study the strange signal and decided to use the capabilities of the Subaru telescope in Hawaii. Only the combined powers of the two telescopes and research teams gave results. Observation of FRB 190520 with the Subaru Radio Telescope brought surprising information – the signal reached Earth from the fringes of a distant dwarf galaxy.

in the latest magazinetemper nature“Results of studying the signals transmitted by FRB 190520. The uniqueness of this finding is that the signal chain repeats regularly. This is the second such case in history – the first case concerns an object marked with the abbreviation FRB 121102, which was discovered in 2016. Astronomers studying this signal are pleased that this time the signal appears to be unique. Usually, similar signals do not repeat themselves.

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At first, scientists suspected that the so-called fast radio flashes Caused by Debris from a supernova explosion. In the case of FRB 19052, a surprising hypothesis has been raised that these strange signals may have been an effect The destructive process of a black hole.

object study FRB 190520 The perfect job for a new job James Webb Space Telescopewhich are undergoing recent in-orbit tests. The first, clear, and color image of the most advanced space monitoring device is actually transmitting 20 July 2022. Scientists don’t want to reveal the region of the sky where NASA’s telescope will photograph the first fire. It might be mysterious FRB 190520.