Android 14 – what’s new?  Release date and list of devices that will receive the update

Android is found in the vast majority of smartphones on the market. Android 14 is fast approaching its public release. And with it, there will be many revolutionary jobs and reforms, including those based on artificial intelligence. Find out what we already know about Android 14 and which smartphones will receive the update.


Android and its features

Android is a very popular mobile operating system that is highly customizable thanks to its open source code. It is mainly designed for mobile devices such as:

  • mobile phones,
  • smart phones,
  • tablets,
  • or some laptops.

Android manages the basic hardware resources and provides the user with a graphical interface through which the features and functions of a particular device can be used in an intuitive and simple way.

Google, the Android development company, announced a while ago that it was working on the 14th version of Android. It’s still under development, but we already know some of the new features and improvements that are included in the system. She also appeared Initial list of phones that will receive the update.

Android 14 Upside Down Cake – What’s New?

According to reliable leaks, the latest Android operating system is slated to have the codename Upside down cakeIt’s an upside down cake. This is due to the fact that Google follows an alphabetical trend in naming its operating system. Android 13 Tiramisu is named starting with the letter ‘T’, so the letter ‘U’ is clearly next in line.

The new options will include:

  • Unified and customizable sharing list. Until now, every app had its own version of the interface that appears when we want to share with someone what we’ve just seen. The new system is to make a similar menu appear everywhere, which can be modified to your liking.
  • Built-in option to use your smartphone as a webcam. Until now, this was only possible through third party apps. Technology journalist Mishaal Rahman announced the news on his Twitter page. However, it is not known if it is a matter of a wired connection or Wi-Fi.
  • Health Connection, which is Google’s answer to Apple Health. In the latest version of Android, we finally have a single app that collects all the information about our activity and health. Third-party programs will be able to exchange information directly with it, instead of communicating with each other, which creates chaos. The solution is already available as a trial download on some smartphones.
  • Android 14 will support satellite communications. According to Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s senior vice president of Android, Google is working on a solution that allows for emergency satellite communication. This is, of course, in response to the move made by Apple, which made a similar feature available with the launch of the iPhone 14.
  • Greater security Android 14 aims to prevent the imposition of unnecessary consents on the user to access data collected on the phone. This means that if a particular app shows suspicious requests, it will be blocked. Developers will have to provide the required approvals already in the verification phase.
  • New features in Google Apps. – It was mentioned that the new options will be equipped with notepad tools eg. Another useful new feature in the works is support for noise reduction functionality on more Android devices when using Google Meet.
  • feature enhancement photo picker. It allows the user to decide whether the app should have access to all of our photos or only to the selected files.
  • The process has been improved Application programming interfaceswhich are used, among other things, to log into individual Services. The user will now be able to log in to the various services without entering a password if they have saved it in their Google account.
  • Changes related to running background processes. Thanks to the modifications, the use of the application has become smoother and more efficient, which affects, among other things, the battery life and the quality of the smartphone experience.

Samsung devices may also receive a feature that allows you to better monitor battery health. If the reports are confirmed, users will be able to check the battery health, just like in iOS. Thanks to this, it will be easier to diagnose why the phone is charging slowly and make a possible decision to replace the cell.

In Android 14 Beta 4 it is also found Auto unlock function after entering the correct PIN This action does not need additional confirmation. OnePlus and Samsung have used this in their proprietary interfaces for years, but with the Fourteen, the functionality will be built right into Android.

Artificial intelligence in Android 14

At the Google I/O conference, which took place on May 10, 2023, it was announced that almost all of the company’s products, including Android 14, will receive Artificial intelligence features. Thanks to the use of Bard chatbot based on the PaLM 2 language model, which will also be able to work successfully on mobile devices, the following aspects will be improved:

  • messaging application for sending text messages;
  • Possibility to customize the appearance of the system
  • Or the Photos application, which thanks to artificial intelligence will allow unprecedented photo editing in a simple way.

For more details about the AI ​​features in Android 14, please refer to the article below:

As usual, owners of flagship smartphones that were first introduced from 2021 and above can rest assured that they will get the update. First in line yet to update Google Pixel device owners are sure to stand by. There is no official list yet, but companies announce the support period for their products on their own. On this basis, you can deduce the list of phones that will receive the latest version of Android 14, which we have included to facilitate communication in the form of a gallery, divided by device manufacturers. The data comes from the information provided by the website androidupdatetracker.

Check if your phone is getting the latest Android 14:

See the gallery(10 photos)

When will the Android 14 premiere take place?

The first betas of Android 14 are now available. At the moment it is incomplete code that serves, among other things, application developers, but can be downloaded by any willing tester who is not afraid of too many bugs. Android 14 Beta can be installed on Google smartphones:

  • Pixel 4a (5G),
  • pixel 5a 5a,
  • pixel 6 a6 pro,
  • pixel 6a,
  • Pixel 7 A7 Pro.

To perform this operation, you need the files that are available on the official website Android developers.

We do not know the official release date of Android 14 yet, but it is likely that it will be released in a similar period as in previous years. The consumer premiere will likely take place around August 2023.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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